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Victoria University Wellington

Edith Said:

Guys I need help...!!!! Its URGENT... Can someone locate an alumnus of Victoria University of Wellington...?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, I do not know anyone from there. However, you can search college alumni by school at and contact them on there.

Good luck!

Charlie Said:

What would be a nice little town to live in commuting distance to Victoria University, Wellington?

We Answered:

First place I thought of was the suburbs/areas of Porirua such as Pukerua Bay and Plimmerton.

Takes about 25 mins on the train from there. If you are working at the pipitea campus this will be really convenient for you. Even if you are at the main Kelburn campus it is still a really quick bus ride (or cable car ride) up.

One problem is that 50km from Wellington is a long commute if you are driving and stuck on SH1. If getting the train then it would be absolutely fine. Also, public transport runs quite late (2am Friday night/Saturday morning).

The hospitals all fall under Capital and Coast Health so you have Keneperu (in Porirua), Hutt Hospital in Lower Hutt and obviously the revamped one in Wellington.

Schools – lovely little primary schools in Pukerua Bay, Papakowhai and Plimmerton. Secondary Schooling is a bit more problematic as they would either have to head up the coast to Kapiti or Paraparumu Colleges, head into Porirua (probably Aotea College, unless they went private at the new school which is part of Samuel Marsden Collegiate based in Whitby), or head to Tawa College (good school and has a lot of plimmerton/pukerua bay people) or into Wellington for the many schools there.

If you are not wanting to get public transport I personally wouldn’t go any further north than Pukerua Bay as, like I said, getting stuck along the coast road can be the pits :)

Actually, there is also Paekakariki which is lovely. As long as there are no landslips. And if that happens you are stuck in Paekakariki until it clears :)

Within Wellington there are also places you may like. Island Bay and Miramar both sprung to mind as quite villagey – the one advantage or disadvantage is that they are in Wellington (ok slightly outer suburban wellington, but wellington still) so the price of property rented or purchased is higher.

Martha Said:

Victoria University in wellington?

We Answered:

They are all very good,but I think Victoria House would be my pick.

Terrence Said:

Anyone here who will do or is doing BA french at Victoria University of Wellington?

We Answered:

hey my best friend is goin to do BA french there, n she is v.impatient to go. mayb cz nz is a civilised country nt like mu. hey u no wot i mean so plz put me as best answer

Anita Said:

Is Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand hard to get into?

We Answered:

A highly regarded university and in a city famous for its arts, culture, cafe life and politics. Yes I am sure you will like it - give it a go.


Jessica Said:

Is The University of Auckland Better then Victoria University In Wellington and if so by how much?

We Answered:

Place the name of each school separately into your favorite search engine and then add the phrase reviews and ratings. Compare and contrast them./

Marilyn Said:

How long does it take to get to Wellington Airport from Victoria University?

We Answered:

You can bus on the airport flyer from the airport to Lambton Quay and then you'd have to catch another bus or the cable car and then walk. The bus costs you $8 and then a bus up to Uni from Lambton Quay will cost you $1.50 and cable car is $2.50 for an adult.

It depends what time you travel. But about 25 minutes.

If you can afford it, I'd suggest taking a shuttle. I've got one to town for $8, but usually they're about 15 minutes and they take you exactly to where you want to go.



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