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University World Rankings

Louis Said:

Is Brown University's world rank (or US News rank) credible?

We Answered:

Keep in mind that these rankings may change significantly between now and when you graduate. Both schools have a wonderful reputations in the United States and abroad as being top schools, and that will not change anytime soon. Other than Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, which consistently grab the top three spots in some order, the top 20 or so are shifting all the time, sometimes as much as 5 or 6 spots in a given year. You'll have your degree throughout the course of your life, and a degree from an Ivy like Brown will continually serve you well professionally.

I really do understand how much of a big deal rankings are abroad and I don't want to dismiss your concern, but the reality is that 1) they shift every year and you can't change that, 2) the ranking system is very flawed, and 3) Brown is very highly respected and will probably go back up in the rankings. You have the opportunity to receive a phenomenal education there, and I wouldn't worry so much.

Best of luck to you.

Theodore Said:

Would you like to study on these lists of universities in the world?

We Answered:


Andrea Said:

World's Best UniversitiesRankings Produced by the Shanghai ?

We Answered:

This is an odd list. I mean, seriously...Yale behind UC Berkeley? Really?

Gail Said:

Why Yahoo international don't ranking university of the world?

We Answered:

Rankings will always be a game of numbers. Yahoo is primarily a search engine. Rankings require a lot of research to come up with a methodology, and then come up with the numbers to rank. That's not Yahoo's purpose.

Grace Said:

How many of you heard about Wayne State University?

We Answered:

I know the school well, and can tell you it is far superior to the U of Michigan in some respects. I attended both schools during my matriculation, and know from personal experience that the instructors and professors offer much greater personal attention to their students than at U of M. The campus in Ann Arbor is nicer, and safer, but the classroom atmosphere in Detroit is more vibrant. I believe the education at WSU is a bit more practical than at U of M. and it is difficult to compare the two schools directly, as their objectives are somewhat different. U of M is turning out Renaissance "thinkers", WSU is turning out well rounded "doers".

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