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University Rankings 2010

Marvin Said:

Where can I find US university rankings 2010 for a Phd. in Management?

We Answered:

hey type the same querry in the google search or in ask jeeves, it will give you yen number of links

Claude Said:

Why is there more competition at Cambridge than at Oxford?

We Answered:

Hi there!
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you may have misread the category Completion, as Competition. Even if that is the case and you meant to send the link with the table ordered by Entry Standards, unfortunately that is rated higher for Cambridge too! At least if you get in you'll be more likely to complete your degree! (-:

'Application success rate' is an obvious choice to quantify the competition. However this provides no way of comparing universities as it lacks a facet describing the DIFFICULTY of getting in. That is to say that 1% of applicants may get into the worst uni in the tables but if a candidate of your (ie top class) standard applied they'd have close to 100% chance of getting in.

Out of 10 people applying to Oxford only 1 may get in but that doesn't mean it's harder for YOU to get into Oxford than if at Cambridge 5 people out of 10 get in. What matters is you being better than the other people who apply that year and unfortunately there's no way of knowing that!

But as stats are always good to shout about (should your friend get in and you don't, this will give you some ammunition!)

In 2008
Cambridge had 15,706 applicants, 3,479 were successful. 22.2% success rate
Oxford had 10,010 applicants, 2748 were successful. 27.5% success rate

So... to sum up...
In reality no one can tell which is harder to get into, as Oxford may have picked 2748 students who were just as bright or brighter that the 3,479 Cambridge picked.

You will have already done the interviews a while back but what I would say, to others who may read this, is that if you get in as many practice interviews as you can and you work your **** of reading around your subject, the tutors and the college that you're applying to, you'll have a much better chance!
Best of luck!

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