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University Of Victoria

Maurice Said:

University of British Columbia or Alberta or Calgary or Victoria?

We Answered:

Place the name of each school separately into your favorite search engine and then add the phrase reviews and rankings. Compare and contrast them.

Richard Said:

What is the average mark required to get accepted into University of Victoria?

We Answered:

i think 80%

Jordan Said:

How Much Does It Cost to Attend The University of Victoria?

We Answered:

It depends on which course you are taking. Check out their website and check the course you are interested in taking to see the tuition cost.

Diane Said:

What courses to take at University of Victoria to become a Counselor?

We Answered:

Go talk to your school counselor to become a school counselor,

Earl Said:

Which university in Victoria doesn't use UMAT to test medical entrants?

We Answered:

If you want to do medicine you HAVE to do the UMAT in any university. You have to do pretty well in it too...

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