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University Of Los Angeles

Shelly Said:

University near Los Angeles that offers fashion merchandising?

We Answered:

Woodbury University in Burbank has Fashion Marketing.

Clara Said:

How diverse is Cal-State University Los Angeles?

We Answered:

it's pretty diverse, but it is also ghetto. Mostlly mexicans and asians who can't speak any english. The school is a joke down here in southern california. Don't choose Cal State LA or Cal State Dominguiz. For a cal state in southern CA, Cal State Fullerton is nicer, way more diverse, and much more respectable. If not Cal State Fullerton then Cal State Long Beach.

Jane Said:

Is California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) for stupid people?

We Answered:

CSU Long Beach and CSU Northridge have better reputations than CSULA, but it is certainly not for stupid people. It is probably a better college than CSU Dominquez Hills, which is not for stupid people either. Stupid people don't go to college.

CSU Fullerton is another collegee you may want to consider.

CSULA and CSUDH may have more ethnically diverse student bodies than some of the others, but this does not make them worse schools.

Alberto Said:

What's the tuition for California State University, Los Angeles?

We Answered:…

you can look at a quick overview of the college there (including tuition). it's a good college from what i hear. i've actually looked into it.

Kent Said:

Is California State University, Los Angeles a good school?

We Answered:

their ranked #26 in the state so i wouldn't consider that good. but it depends on what you like. i think you're a good candidate being a international student and all. and the city of los angeles is chaotic...and very busy. but i would love to go to california. good luck!

Marc Said:

What would be a better choice, Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles, or University of the Pacific Stockton ?

We Answered:

University of Pacific. The campus is beautiful (know for its ivy look), academics are great (but hard) and they have a lot of close student attention. They also give a lot of grants and scholarships.

Tanya Said:

What do you think my chances of getting into California State University: Los Angeles or Long Beach?

We Answered:……

Your answers. =]

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