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University Of Liverpool Online

Steven Said:

Online to rely on?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

Justin Said:

Have anyone heard of the MBA offer by University of Leverpool from Laureate?

We Answered:

My advice is if you can effort you should go because MBA is really great course. If can't effort it, don't go. Because its look like it is so expensive. $28K is too much for me!

Leah Said:

was refsed online admission in2 university of Liverpool(location)now im askd 2 pay4 admissn,ami bein swindled?

We Answered:

well, it shouldn't be very hard to check. Simply contact the University and find out if the caller is indeed representing the school.

Lisa Said:

Is there a good weekend MS/Mtech (Computer Science) course in Bangalore? AICTE approved?

We Answered:

weekend MS/Mtech (Computer Science) course ?
Sorry, I do not know such things exists.

Bobby Said:

Hey guys.. need some help! I need a map online of the universities in uk .?

We Answered:…

hope this helps!

Manuel Said:

Is an online MBA taken seriously?

We Answered:

A decent number of the overseas MBA programs do not require the GMAT. While in the US, that might be a sign that an MBA program isn't the best, overseas, that's not necessarily the case.

U Liverpool's online MBA seems expensive to me, for a UK based MBA. I believe the ones offered by U London, via their External Programme, are less expensive (and I suspect better respected):…

Warwick Business School, part of the U of Warwick, is a top ranked European business school, and they offer their MBA online. That would be worth paying for.

There are several AACSB accredited business schools in the US that offer online MBAs. They include Northeastern, Thunderbird (well ranked), Babson (well ranked), Duke (used to, not sure if they still do - well ranked), UMass Amherst, U Maryland, Worcester Polytechnic, and Penn State.

Employers tend to dislike online MBAs. If you must do it online, either go to a very well respected MBA program like Warwick, or go to a program in the US, where it'll be less clear from first glance at your resume that you did it online. In fact, if you can find an online program that's within reasonable driving distance of your home or work - say, 3-4 hours one way - then employers won't be able to tell you didn't do it in person.

And avoid any US-based MBA program that isn't AACSB accredited. Also avoid any school that's famous for being online or for profit.

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