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University Of Hertfordshire

Tyler Said:

How do i get to the University of Hertfordshire for an open day from london catford/beckenham SE6?

We Answered:

hi. i'm in my second year at hertfordshire uni.
you can get the train from kings cross station to st albans or hatfield station but then you will need to either get a bus/cab to the de havilland campus/college lane campus. it might be easier for you to get the 797 greenline's something like £7 return, it runs every hour and drops you outside the university (both campuses) so its pretty easy to get there, you can get it from Oxford Street and Victoria Coach Station. Having been in and out of London using this coach i know a lot of info about it so let me know if you need more help :)

Victoria Said:

University of Hertfordshire: English Language and communication with Media Cultures?

We Answered:

I didn't take this course but i applied for it and denied it. it really depends on which aspect of english language you want to look at. Im studying linguistics at SOAS university and i look at literally languages from all over the world studying their phonology syntax and so on. The course at Herts is more applied so you look at technology, society and psychological aspects of language. It is very interesting but do read into the course to see if its what you want.
I mist say i prefer mine which is more theoretical based.

Chris Said:

Metal bars near the university of hertfordshire?

We Answered:

I'm sorry but I'm not able to help ..
Ask an expert, he probably could answer you!

Calvin Said:

Nottingham trent university and Hertfordshire University?

We Answered:

Nottingham is less expensive than Hertford but has a "crime record" (the city, not the Uni) Herts (English abbreviation of Hertfordshire) is in "commuterland" for London. Half an hour by rail, Notts is nearer to "The peak District, Derbyshire, and "The Yorkshire Dales" large open hills and dales, wild country side. London has the night life..
Your choice..look it up on the web..I would take Nottingham before Hertfordshire, Notts has a good night scene as well and its not too far from UK`s second city, Birmingham, or 3rd city, Manchester, where the best soccer team in the world play..United, at Old Trafford, The theatre of Dreams, put that into your itinerary.

John Said:

Is the University of Hertfordshire (UK) a good Uni?

We Answered:

Well, if you you're as amazing as you say you are... It isn't exactly a brilliant university.

I'm going by, if they send you advertisements in the post and say they'll give you a grant for getting As in your A levels, they aren't exactly good.

But you know, just go with what you want... If the course is exactly what you want, what else matters?

Eileen Said:

How far is Travellers Lane from College lane and De Havilland Campus @ Hertfordshire University?

We Answered:

Ha, you live near me :)
Erm it is relatively far, i'd recommend getting a bus
302 312 610 or 810 or 642, i think they go into town + to the campuses.

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