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University Of California Los Angeles

Christina Said:

What is the ACT, SAT & GPA needed for UCLA(University of California,Los Angeles)?

We Answered:

Well if your asking for the minimum "needed" to apply to UCLA, you need at least a 3.0 GPA. However, because UCLA is a very competitive school, you have to do much better than that in order to have a good chance of getting accepted.

The following are the average statistics of admitted students to UCLA for Fall 2009:
Weighted GPA: 4.36
SAT composite score: 2004
ACT composite score: 29

Remember that these are the average statistics. They are not necessarily cut-off scores of whether or not you'll get accepted. For example, I got into UCLA with a 4.15 GPA but my ACT score was 33.

Hope that helps and good luck

P.S. I am not attending UCLA yet, but I will next year. So sorry I can't help with last question.

Kathryn Said:

How Prestigious is UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)?

We Answered:

One of my cousins goes to University of California at Berkeley and the other goes to University of California at Los Angeles(UCLA). The one that goes there says he loves it. He got accepted to other top-tier schools such as Harvard and University of Miami, but considering he's a California resident, he thought it would be a lot cheaper. He's sent me pictures of the architecture. It's a beautiful campus.

Berkeley is slightly more prestigious than UCLA, but if you get into UCLA, you're definitely worth your salt. It is getting harder and harder to become accepted into UCLA, especially with a very competitive applicant pool that only increases every year. My cousin got deferred before he got in last year. UCLA has the most applicants of any public university in the country, 55,000. It only admitted 22.2 percent of it's applicants last year, about 12,000.

UCLA's undergraduate program is ranked 25th according to a U.S. World News and Report guide.

It's also considered a Public Ivy, a school that can stand up to any of the original Ivy League colleges in competitiveness. Among these schools are(I'm sure you've heard of some of them), University of Connecticut, William and Mary, UC Berkeley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the school I'm going to in August, University of Virginia.

Many kids from these schools turn down Ivy League school offers mainly because they get a better deal from these colleges.

UCLA is great for Pre-Med. They have excellent facilities and professors and I'm sure you'd be happy and get a good education there.

Are you from California? If you are, you should also consider Stanford University as well. That's a great school.

Best of luck in your college search and good hunting,


Jesus Said:

What do you think 'bout UCLA university of California los angeles?

We Answered:

I am biased because I am an alumnus, so of course I think its a GREAT school. For an unbiased opinion, here are some figures:

#3 public school
#25 overall undergraduate school
#11 business school
#16 law school
#9 med school

Plus...its athletic program is the only college in the country to have won 100 national championships.

William Said:

University of California Los Angeles or University of Arizona?

We Answered:

Both very good schools. Visit each of them and see where you feel at home.

Stacey Said:

Do I have I chance of getting into the University of California Los Angeles?

We Answered:

Not too bad a chance. Maybe 50:50

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