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Universities In London

Brenda Said:

What Universities in London do the Property development and planning degree?

We Answered:

Have a look at the UCAS website - it has a database searchable by course and location, and can also tell you if there are other similar/related degrees you could consider.

Jill Said:

London Universities that have a decent neurology program for undergrad?

We Answered:

"Neuroscience" is not a scientific course on its own. Maybe in Star Trek someday. Today its part of medicine, with strong orientation into biology, chemitsrty and physics.

Ask your scientific advisor.

Vernon Said:

What Universities in London provide the best Architecture courses?

We Answered:

Look at the Architectural Association and Bartlett ... those are the best architecture schools in England.

Casey Said:

Which London Universities have the best / worst reputation?

We Answered:

Outside of Oxbridge, universities are known for their individual courses rather than the college as a whole.

If the LSE is prestigious...times have changed indeed!

Mary Said:

Which are the best universities in London?

We Answered:

times university guide says that for maths, the best london uni is imperial (4th best in country) followed by UCL (8th in country) and LSW (16th). i think you'd be better of going away from London, as many of the midlands unis seem better for maths according to this…

Carlos Said:

American universities in London? Regents or Richmond?

We Answered:

Both are excellent universities so I would recommend visiting both before making your choice so you can see the campus and talk to the staff about the course you are interested in.

However, there might be better non-American style universities for you to consider. If you've got your heart set on studying in London, why not look at other options? After all, London is home to three of the top ten universites in the UK - University College London, London School of Economics, and Imperial College London. (UCL and ICL are also in the top ten of the 'best universities in the world' list).

Have a look at the Times University Guide:…

Overall, I would definitely recommending coming to see any uni you want to apply to. You can feel very strongly one way or the other once you've seen the campus, the location, the course structure, etc, and met the staff.

Good luck!

Sarah Said:

Are there any graduate-entry law programmes in any of the London universities?

We Answered:

You want to study the Graduate Diploma in Law (aka CPE). Check out these websites:

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