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Top Universities Of The World

Samuel Said:

What can I do for getting to "world top universities"? (Ivy League, Oxford...)?

We Answered:

If you're looking at the top world universities, you need to do very well on your GCSEs, and then very well on at at least 3 A levels.

In terms of scholarships - many of the top unis do offer some financial support for foreign students. You will need to ask each university what you need to do in order to apply for such aid, but know that there is some on offer.

Still, you would be smart to also apply to the best unis in Czech, because as I understand it, you'd go there tuition free, yes? Charles University is well respected, internationally.

In addition, because Czech is now part of the EU, you can go to university in Scotland free of tuition. You do still need to pay for room and board, but your tuition will be free. And Scotland has St. Andrews, which is a very prestigious university, as well as strong unis in U Glasgow and U Edinburgh. Perhaps worth adding to your list?

Micheal Said:

Give me a list of world top 10 universities for the course of MBA ?

We Answered:

The Economist does such a ranking every year, and last year IESE (in Spain) was the top-ranked school, but since one must have a subscription to access the others, I can't get it for you directly.

Rick Said:

Why are the top universities in the world are American?

We Answered:

Definitely because of more funding. Many immigrants come to study abroad in US universities and many come to teach as professors. The public school system in the US is poor (in terms of condition and money..). And about 85% of students are enrolled in public schooling, so it makes sense. Also, I've noticed that US public high schools in more affluent areas tend to do better academically than poorer areas. It is all about funding.

But it is interesting how American universities come out on top of the world. 168 of the 500 (about 1/3) top World Universities are American, and 17 out of the top 20 are American. The other three are Cambridge and Oxford (in England) and the Univ. of Tokyo in Japan.

The above posters are wrong that there are very few good American universities. Then why are so many Nobel Prize winners educated in American universities?

American universities employ 70% of the world's living Nobel prize-winners, produce about 30% of the world's output of articles on science and engineering and 44% of the most frequently cited articles.

America, for obvious reasons, is by large margins the first-choice destination for foreign college students.

World Rankings-Top World Universities

Rank Institution Country
1 Harvard Univ USA
2 Stanford Univ USA
3 Univ Cambridge UK
4 Univ California - Berkeley USA
5 Massachusetts Inst Tech (MIT) USA
6 California Inst Tech USA
7 Princeton Univ USA
8 Univ Oxford UK
9 Columbia Univ USA
10 Univ Chicago USA
11 Yale Univ
12 Cornell Univ USA
13 Univ California - San Diego USA
14 Tokyo Univ Japan
15 Univ Pennsylvania USA
16 Univ California - Los Angeles USA
17 Univ California - San Francisco USA
18 Univ Wisconsin - Madison USA
19 Univ Michigan - Ann Arbor USA
20 Univ Washington - Seattle USA

Lee Said:

Rankings of top universities in the world for electrical and electronic engineering?

We Answered:

You see, the exceptionally brilliant students from all over the world go for getting graduates and post-graduate studies in MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The second choice is CALTECH (California Institute of Technology).

Wish you all the luck and happy learning!

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