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Top Universities In Europe

Sherri Said:

What are the name of the top universities in Europe?

We Answered:

Warwick University and London School of Economics are the best two universities in the UK for accounting and finance.
Not sure about the rest of Europe, sorry.

Ellen Said:

Best Universities in Europe?

We Answered:

Obviously Oxford and Cambridge.
Here are the rankings for European universities:…

Ricky Said:

Which are the best universities with scholarships in phd program Bioinformatics(Europe/USA)?

We Answered:


I'm unsure where to look for PhD programs that come with scholarships in the USA, but for Europe I suggest you use this search engine:

You don't need to fill in all of the criteria, just some of them until you get satisfying results. If you can't find a fitting scholarship amoung these, than I'd suggest you use this portal to find scholarships in Europe:

Once you have found a scholarship for your PhD, I'd reckon you will be able to find out where you can go in Europe to be eligible for it.

Good luck with making your choice!

Travis Said:

What are the top Universities in Europe in Biotechnology ?

We Answered:

The Oxford/Cambridge university axis in the UK and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden - these two produced some of the best thinking on new drugs on the industry.

Carl Said:

what is the top uiversity in Europe?

We Answered:

Hi, here are the names of some excellent and 'TOP' European schools for programs in International Business Management

Grenoble Graduate School of Business:

EDHEC Business School:

Audencia Nantes School of Management:

CERAM Sophia Anitpolis: http://ceram.edi/sai

EUROMED Marseille:

HEC School of Management:


Most of these schools are listed on the website of Financial Times:


All the best!

Sherry Said:

What are the top universitiescolleges in Europe?

We Answered:

Regional Rank - Institution* - Country - World Rank
1 Cambridge University UK 3
2 Oxford University UK 8
3 Imperial College London UK 23
4 University College London UK 25
5 Swiss Fed Inst Tech - Zurich Switzerland 27
6 University of Utrecht Netherlands 39
7 university of Paris 06 France 41
8 Technical university Munich Germany 45
9 Karolinska Inst Stockholm Sweden 46
10 University of Edinburgh UK 47
11 university Paris 11 France 48
12 University of Munich Germany 51
13 University of Zurich Switzerland 57
14 University of Copenhagen Denmark 59
15 University of Bristol UK 60
16 University of Leiden Netherlands 63
17 University of Heidelberg Germany 64
18 Moscow State Univ Russia 66
19 University of Oslo Norway 68
20 University of Sheffield UK 69

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