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Top 100 Universities In The World

Donna Said:

Can anybody reccomend top 100 universities in the world best in Education, postgraduate level?Thanks, though.?

We Answered:

You wont find such a list because the reality of the matter is the best school for education are usually State Universities (in the United States) with a few exceptions. This is largely due in part to the fact that it doesn't matter if you go to an Ivy League school or a fourth tier school - the job market is basically the same and the salary and job advancement potential. Where as getting an MBA at Harvard might be better for you than getting one at the University of Rhode Island, getting a M'ed from Harvard instead of URI makes no difference (except you are a greater fool for spending more on an Ivy league education which will actually be either at best equal, but mostly likely inferior, to what you would receive at a state university's education program (although Harvard's program is good - considering the amount of money you are paying you are getting shafted).

Good Luck!!!

Cynthia Said:

Wat are the top 100-200 Universities in the world?

We Answered:…

Elaine Said:

What Are The Top 100 Universities In The World???

We Answered:

1. Harvard University- USA
2. Yale University- USA
3. University of Oxford- UK
4. University of Cambridge- UK
5. Imperial College London- UK
6. Princeton University- US
7. University of Chicago- US
8. California Institute of Technology- US
9. University College London- UK
10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology- US

*For more info, check-out my source. This was taken on 2007.

Rene Said:

"seven of the top 100 universities in the world are located in muslim countries. "?

We Answered:

Perhaps they missed this statement on the site: " We do not - by any means - claim to rank organisations [sic], or their programs, by the quality of education or level of services provided. The University Web Ranking is, therefore, not an academic ranking."

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