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Top 10 Online Universities

Evelyn Said:

Which are the top 5-10 best universities that offer a Masters / MBA course in e-Business or Digital Marketing?

We Answered:

Here is the USA list - any of these schools will fulfill your goals.


Marian Said:

Hmmm i may have something here. And ITS GOOD!?

We Answered:

i dont think that would work. there are too many unknowns involved. you dont know who is using the ssn. other people do know that person, and when bob shows up there could be problems.

Joy Said:

What are the top 10 (or more) places to study Fine Art in Europe (excluding UK)?

We Answered:

you try middlsex wife is studying fine art there

Laura Said:

What online college did you go to and how was your experience?

We Answered:

I've taken courses by DL at:

University of South Carolina
Excelsior College
Brigham Young University
Louisiana State University
Coastal Carolina University
Webster University
PCDI (vocational)

over the past 26 years. What I've seen is that the quality of delivery has steadily increased until now, there's just about no difference in quality between online and in-class at the same school.

As for picking a degree program; you're not restricted to those proprietary schools - almost every state U has an online degree completion program now and it's usually cheaper with a better reputation than the proprietary schools.

You can get a degree online from some very well placed universities (UMass, Boston U, Fl State, UC) but the reason you don't hear about them as much is because they aren't easy. has a list of online degree programs by subject area. It's a pretty good resource.

If you already have a large portion of your degree finished and just need a school that will take maximum transfer credit then "the Big Three" may be the right option for you.

Excelsior College
Thomas Edison State College
Charter Oak State College

you won't find any other regionally accredited programs as flexible or as generous with transfer credit as these three.

If you're interested in low cost per course and need some more courses, Peru State College in Nebraska has a nice selection of bachelor's online and their tuition is more than reasonable when compared to most others.

American Public University also has a good selection of courses and degrees but they are just a little more expensive than Peru (though way lower than the proprietary schools).

If you're interested in Emergency Management, Jacksonville State University has a pretty cool looking bachelor's online. and they are very cost effective.

Two sources for feedback about distance education:

These folks usually know the real facts about programs out there and can be very helpful. The general recommendations to get the most value of your online education are these:

1) pick a school that is regionally accredited. Specialty accreditation in addition to RA will be essential in some fields. National accreditation such as DETC is valid but won't have the same universal utility as RA.
2) pick a school that has a solid reputation already. This will most likely be a school that has a presence on the ground somewhere (such as UMass or UFla) over those schools who exist only online (UoP, Kaplan, et al). Don't exclude a proprietary school if they meet your needs though and come up as the best viable option.
3) don't expect online education to be easier than in-the class. It simply isn't. You can expect online courses to require a lot of writing and more independent reading than most people want to do.

Theodore Said:

University students and professors! Especially U.S. top 50s! Help! Is this typical university professor?

We Answered:

First - the dates. Yes, she's right. You need to know roughly when something occurred. Knowing that something occurred in 455 A.D. is less important than knowing it occurred sometime during the 5th century. However, memorize 1066, 1215, 1776 and any years that involve a major major event in the creation of civil rights in the history of western civilization.

Anyway, yes, you need to know major ideas, but it isn't all major ideas. If you are going to UCLA, or any university normally, the TA can give you copies of old tests so that you can see the flavor of the types of questions that any particular teacher asks. It's also my experience (I have a history minor) that the questions tend to focus on the lecture more than the reading material. In other words, know anything presented in class really well, but do read the materials provided also.

While you are in Community College, see if they have a Study Skills center (or a book on it in the library). Learning to take good notes will do you a LOT of good! Review them periodically - don't wait until the night before the exam unless history is very easy for you!

Willard Said:

Top 10 Fine Arts & Music Colleges/Universities?

We Answered:

Juliard, Oberlin, Northwestern, Indiana, many Big 10 schools, Florida State has a very good and competitive music program, many schools in NY and the areas up there.

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