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Times University Ranking

Sherry Said:

How many times will a university allow you to re-take a year(UK)......?

We Answered:

As many times as you can afford the tuition fees. The most you can get the grant for is 4 years, if you haven't finished your course by then they will not fund you - unless there is a really good reason ie, you have had to repeat years due to serious illness/ family problems.

Sharon Said:

Cranfield University ranking?

We Answered:

It's a good place for aerospace studies. Also business studies.

Cynthia Said:

university for the creative arts, epsom?

We Answered:

Visit the college yourself, speak to a number of students, sit in on a few classes if possible and make your decision that way./

Pauline Said:

How reliable is the Times Higher Education World Universities Ranking?

We Answered:

It must be reliable considering the following multiple indicators that they used; these are objective ways to evaluate schools:

• Peer reviewing, based on a poll of 1,300 academics in 88 countries.

• The Teachers/Students ratio.

• The internationalization rate, given by the percentage of the academic staff and of the students coming from other countries.

• The number of research citations, based on the Essential Science Indicators edited by Thomson Scientific.

Rhonda Said:

A Phd question, in terms of project and university ranking?

We Answered:

This might be the opportunity of a lifetime. You get to be involved from start to finish, get room and board, have a personal research project potential and a group paper that will get into the journals and will have an impact and could even make the international confrences.

The big question is, can you survive the cold!?

AND do you have your own project together and the materials ready to go so you can work on your project, as well as the main one, as well as keeping an eye out for anotehr personal project that might be even better.

Never underestimate Serendipity.

Seth Said:

What's the most reliable or highly credited college ranking?

We Answered:

US News seems very reliable especially to professors and teachers. It's the most popular as well.

Morris Said:

Which University would be better choice for Master?

We Answered:

I would suggest the University of Wales Institute at Cardiff. It has a respectable ranking overall and a far superior ranking in business. Also, I personally think MBA is a more beneficial degree.

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