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Times Online University Guide

Viola Said:

what is the best marketing university to go to.?

We Answered:

All of the top Business Schools have great marketing programs.

The best undergraduate B-Schools are:

1. The Wharton School ath University of Pennsylvania
2. The Sloan School at MIT
3. The Haas School at University of California at Berkeley
4. University of Michigan
5. The McIntyre School at University of Virginia

Allan Said:

Which universities in LONDON are reputable and prestigious?

We Answered:

queen marys, kings college london, goldsmith, all the ones i have listed and you listed are part of the university of london-> link below!

Ruth Said:

Can someone please guide me with the decision to pursuing an online course?

We Answered:

I have taken many online courses. They are a bit more challenging than in class. If you have a question for the teacher, you have to email and wait for the answer. Most teachers have answered pretty quickly though. But you have to do your work early just for that reason. You also have to have a good Internet connection especially during tests. If you go offline during a test, some teachers request that you show proof from your provider. You still have to buy books. Your best bet is to go through Barnes and Nobles, since they have used books and they are cheaper. You can also get them through the school that you are using to go online. They will send them by mail. But make sure you get them early too. I don’t know anything about getting them shipped to India. I’m not even sure how the school would handle that. You would probably have to get your books through a bookstore and I’m not sure if they would even send them out of the country. I just don’t know….The work depends on the subject. English was all essays. History was assignments (answering questions) and essays. The only true/false/fill in the blanks/ choose the best answer were on the tests. Make sure that the school is nationally accredited since some accredited schools may be accredited locally. If you want to pursue a higher degree, you want to make sure that those credits are going to transfer. This is SO IMPORTANT!

Wade Said:

What is the best university apart from cambridge or oxford for psychology?

We Answered:

Well I am studying Psychology at the University of Plymouth. I think its really good. I'm not sure how it compares in league tables against other unis but I'm sure you can find that out.

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