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The University Of Austin

Clinton Said:

What is the address of Texas University at Austin?

We Answered:

Depends on which department of the University for are looking for ..

Dora Said:

Huston-Tillotson University, Austin Texas?

We Answered:

As I am sure you know, HT is a historically black college and >95% of it's students are black, but I am white and went to UT, so take my opinion in that context.

HT is a small school by enrollment on a small campus in east Austin, which is an economically disadvantaged area. Having not been a student on campus there, I cannot comment on campus life, tutoring, campus safety, etc., but I can tell you the perception of an Austin resident of HT. My interactions with students from there have all been positive. They do a lot for the community and city of Austin, and you rarely hear about anything bad happening there on the news, as compared to UT, which has hazing issues, alcohol poisoning deaths, etc. As a UT alum, I am not picking on the school, but just using those examples from the news to point out that you just don't hear about those things about HT. That last time I heard something negative on the news was a couple of years ago and I don't even remember what it was now.

On living in Austin, it is great, and I would even venture to say that young black students like it, too. Because Austin is so laid back you don't have as much racial tension as you do in other cities. There population of black people in Austin as a percentage is lower than in places like Houston or Dallas, but culturally there is still plenty here in which I see young black people participate. Speaking of cultural events, just because you would not be a student at UT doesn't mean that you cannot partake in the events offered on campus there. Because there are 50,000 students, you are likely to find something there of interest to you, and the HT and UT campuses are less than two mile apart.

Again, I am trying my best to help answer your question without actually having been a student at HT. Since the alumni group is so small, I wanted to make sure that you had an answer to your question, as much as you consider my rant an answer :-)

Good luck!

Everett Said:

What are the SAT min. req. for Texas University-Austin and UCLA?

We Answered:

I think its 1000, but all of them (except miami) have high admission standards, so I'd plan to have no less than 1200.

Rose Said:

How can i get accepted to the university of texas at austin ,university of alabama to play football?

We Answered:

Your High School football coach is well-wired to steer you towards athletic scholarships. If he doesn't think you can make it, you're probably not good enough (and you won't make it to the pros). You can try a walk-on at your school of choice, and maybe get a a full or partial scholarship the following year.

Alvin Said:

UT Austin, University of Washington Seattle, Vanderbilt, or UNC Chapel Hill?

We Answered:

UNC-Chapel Hill.

The question is - do these schools offer the programs you are looking for?

Felix Said:

Which is a better option out of these two:Texas Austin University or University of Houston for MS course ?

We Answered:

It depends on your department. I advise you to check out faculty, you need to choose a professor to work with. Look at their CV s and decide.


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