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The Best University In The World

Delores Said:

What is the best university in the world for civil engineering? What is the best university in the US for C.E?

We Answered:

University of Nebraska

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Bertha Said:

What is the best university in the world to study "Space Physics Postgraduate " ?

We Answered:

It really depends on what you want to do with the degree. It sounds like you want to be a scientist, doing research, so you'll need a PhD for that. In the US, PhD programs in the sciences are free - they'll pay your tuition and even pay you a salary in exchange for teaching labs and/or doing research. However, this isn't necessarily true for masters students.

Sue Said:

What is the best university in the world to learn how to become a doctor?

We Answered:

Well, for your first four years you could go anywhere. However, for MEDICAL SCHOOL where you actually learn to become one , the two best med schools I would say are Johns Hopkins University Medical School. I think the only med school in the US ranked higher than Johns Hopkins is Harvard med school. In the world I do not know but again in the US I would say Hopkins and JHU is probably ranked very high on a global scale. Good luck. Wow, whoever gave me a thumbs down is out of their mind. JHU is the best in the US.

Mike Said:

What's the best university in the world?

We Answered:

The best University is the one you pick and Graduate from.....becoming an Alumni is an honor and lifelong belonging, so pick a university that caters to Education and not glorifies Sports to the point where it overlooks the education.


Barry Said:

which is the best university in world to study business administration?

We Answered:

If money is not an object, probably Harvard. Stanford would be a close second.

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