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Southern New Hampshire University

Patricia Said:

University of Massachusetts Lowell or Southern New Hampshire University?

We Answered:

Southern NH if you're going for psychology...

Manuel Said:

Trinity College, George Washinton University, Point Park University, Southern New Hampshire University?

We Answered:

George Washington and Trinity are the best. Point Park and SNH are not first tier schools--not even close.

Vincent Said:

Southern New Hampshire University Online?

We Answered:

I'm going to another online school however I'm considering highly to switch to SNHU. Why? Well right now I'm going to a private(yet big) school online. They have reputable classes, etc, just not the major I'm looking for (English). So far I've applied and talked to an admissions counselor, and they've been very helpful and seem to care moreso than my other school. I didn't have to pay an application fee and if I withdrawal from my other school its going to cost me $50, how ironic. But anyways, SNHU is accredited, has numerous awards and is actually a campus with a good reputation in academia. That really impressed me and the fact that they have graduates in online degrees since '99. I do hope though if this isn't enough that someone does answer your question . God bless!

Michael Said:

I have been accepted by two schools Southern New Hampshire University and Stetson University in Fl?

We Answered:

get out a piece of paper and weigh the pros's and con's. Right down things like the location, environment, population, what they have to offer, the cost, what they do not have to offer, lodging, cost of living for the area, your hobbies and interest and how they compare with what they have to offer in the area, weather, etc.. then decide.

Daisy Said:

Has anyone attended Southern New Hampshire University?

We Answered:

I can't give you the exact advice you're looking for, but I can tell you that I take courses from SNHU online, which is surprisingly good (and challenging). I did enough research before choosing to do this to know that SNHU has a good reputation. In my experience, the staff has been great, and I have nothing but good things to say about them; they've been helpful and knowledgeable.
In your case, you may even be able to get most of your courses done online, which is cheaper than the in-school tuition, and once you graduate, it only says you graduated from SNHU, rather than their online program.
I also recommend that you pick up a current copy of Writer's Market from Barnes and Noble and start submitting your writing for publication wherever it seems appropriate. It is completely normal (and dignified) to start out by being published by small companies who cannot even pay you. Every bit of writing that is accepted for publication looks good for you in the long run, and all you need is a good story for that.

Jane Said:

MBA Southern New Hampshire University online?

We Answered:

SNHU is a low-tier university, but it's totally genuine. That's a real MBA. They're also relatively inexpensive compared to some other MBA programs.

SNHU's MBA isn't AACSB accredited. There are a few employers out there that won't hire you if your MBA isn't AACSB, but most of them don't care. It's something to think about, though. If your goal was to work in consulting, or for Proctor & Gamble, or for Intel, they won't hire you.

All AACSB schools are here:…

Some of those do offer online MBAs, including UMass Amherst, Thunderbird, Babson, etc.

Here's a listing of online MBAs. You could check this list against the AACSB list and find programs that would work anywhere, no matter what:…

Go to that page, and about halfway down you'll see a tab called "distance". Click on that.

Wilma Said:

Which college to attend, University of Oklahoma or Southern New Hampshire University?

We Answered:

There are a lot of online schools in the US that are attached to reputable brick and mortar campuses. Several of these offer a wide range of majors. I'll give you some to check into, all of which offer online degrees in several subjects:

University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
University of Denver
University of Maryland
Duke University
Carnegie Mellon
Penn State
Ball State
U Nebraska - Lincoln
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
University of Illinois
Penn State
Colorado State U

And there are others. But in general, when you're looking for a distance learning degree, try to find a program at a school that has a good reputation for their "brick and mortar" campus. Oklahoma University would be fine, but I'm not loving the "liberal studies" degree. Most employers would rather you majored in an actual subject. Southern NH University is... well, it's certainly far better than University of Phoenix, I'll give it that. And the people there are very, very nice.

Also look at your own state colleges. You may be surprised at what they offer online/via distance.

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