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Ranking Of Canadian Universities

Bill Said:

Is University of Ottawa Ontario a good school to go to? What is it's reputation like?

We Answered:

I go to Ottawa U and can tell you that it's known nationally and internationally for it's medicine, law, science. And also in business somewhat.

The University of Ottawa is ranked 5th in research-intensity, and 8th in total-research funding in Canada. It is also ranked 10th in Canada in the Gourman Report university ranking guide.

Overall, Science at Ottawa gets some of the best benefits, and we have nice new buildings.

Alice Said:

Rankings of Canadian Universities?

We Answered:

h. i agree maclean's is not a good ranking.. most of canada's best universities have elected not to participate in their rankings
this year...

there are a couple universities which are good for everything.. ie
Queen's university-
Mcgill university-
University of British Columbia-
and University of Toronto-

Queen's and McGill are like the harvard and yale of canadian universities

However if you're looking into engineering, the university of
waterloo is the best.. its like the MIT of canada

Rodney Said:

Rank the following canadian universities from best to least In Electrical engineering major:?

We Answered:


the rest are about the same.

(Waterloo is highly reputable for engineering)

Judith Said:

Can i migrate to canada if i am studying in pakistan?

We Answered:


Come to Canada if you want to be a taxi driver or office cleaner.

Judy Said:

Canada university Ranking (Electrical Engineering)?

We Answered:

no rankings available

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