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Qs World University Rankings

Troy Said:

Information about Mc.Gill U?

We Answered:…

That's the best I can do for you.

Canada doesn't have an set of elite universities like the US does. McGill isn't part of some exclusive upper echelon, it's a regular university that ranks well against other regular universities. Since the exclusivity variable is omitted, it makes more sense to enroll as many qualified applicants as possible.

Kathy Said:

Would you mind taking a look at my accounting internship resume+cover letter?

We Answered:


Under skills delete the first line regarding arithmetic. This is not needed.

I would leave out the web sites for Kaist as well as the description since you haven't yet graduated.

Body of cover letter

I am applying for the *** internship of your company. I understand that your firm is a leading accounting corporation in the United States. I am very interested in developing my skills in this field and would like to work for your company through a summer internship.

I graduated from Gyeonggi Buk Science High School which is a high school for students interested in science. After graduation, I was accepted to KAIST which is a highly competitive university. Even though I have a background in the scientific field, I have always been interested in business and selected Industrial Engineering as my major. I have just finished my third semester, in the course of which I became deeply interested in Financial Management. I’ve done research about CPAs and I have decided to be an accountant. I am preparing for the CPA exam and I have very analytical & systematic way of thinking. I am also multi-cultural and can easily adapt to people from different cultures. I have been in an academic environment for a long time and I am very excited to become a professional. I am willing to work hard and work with a team in any environment.

I will be leaving for Los Angeles next week and would be ready for an interview. I will respond promptly with any additional materials you may need and would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications. Please feel free to contact me through email at [email protected]

Thank you for your consideration,

You don't need to bring a high school diploma. A current transcript wouldn't be necessary at this point. Overall great job - far better than most Americans.

Vicki Said:

Which university (Warwick or National University of Singapore) is better for undergrad accountancy?

We Answered:

Warwick without doubt.

The rankings are based on lot of criteria and Singapore schools often gets high ranking due to alumni feedback, professor ratings etc. Look at the papers, job offers etc and salary ranges. Singapore schools won't be there. The education system in Singapore is more like you've to read, memorize and use that instead of making you use your brains..

Melinda Said:

Why do people even come up with a ranking system for colleges/universities when they are so inconsistent?

We Answered:

looks like the 54-56 is one criteria while the 34ths use another set of criteria.

Francisco Said:

Will my choice of university impact my chances of doing my Masters at a better university?

We Answered:

Edinburgh is an excellent school - much more prestigious than you apparently think.

You only mentioned "name" schools - very competitive programs and very difficult to get into.

Here is an idea - has a "rankings" area. Invest USD$15 and get the premium service for graduate schools. Enter your personal information [I guess you'll take the GRE], grades, etc. and see which graduate schools are likely to accept you. Apply to at least three of those schools.

Did you know that one of the finest CS grad schools in the world is University of Texas? Not even on your list.
Indiana U is also excellent, as is Purdue and Case Western Reserve.
How about Rutgers?

Broaden your horizons, and by all means appreciate U Edinburgh. It really is a world class institution.

Shane Said:

how in the hell is USC not in the top 100 in world university rankings?

We Answered:

I was surprised to see the same thing. I would definitely say USC and UCLA are comparable academically, but we're being left out of a lot of rankings. I think our reputation for being stuck up and rich attracts a lot of the wrong kind of person. USC has a lot of exceptionally talented students but they're overlooked because there are also many that are less than spectacular.

Michelle Said:

Malaysians - Your education- Is this good news?

We Answered:

what a crying shame

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