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Phoenix University Online

Rene Said:

Is the University of Phoenix Online reputable yet?

We Answered:

U of Phoenix is considered a joke by employers, many of whom routinely throw any job applications listing a U of Phoenix degree directly into the trash.

U of Phoenix' MBA is double worthless. It is not AACSB accredited. The Registrar (?) of AACSB is on record as saying that U of Phoenix knows not to bother trying for AACSB accreditation.

James Said:

Can my boyfriend transfer from University of Phoenix Online to another college in this area?

We Answered:

If he wants to go to another school, he should drop U of P immediately, before he incurs any more expenses there. Then he would have to reapply to the community college and apply for financial aid there. The problem is that financial aid is calculated based on the gap between what a particular college would cost you and what it is calculated by the college that you can afford. Since U of P is very expensive, he would not be able to keep the money he got to go there, and the community college would have to do a new calculation of what he would be eligible for, given a completely different cost.

Andre Said:

Dropping out of the University of Phoenix online before the halfway mark?

We Answered:

Lol, I wish it were true. You always have to repay your student loans. They might have been referring to the semester. If you drop before 1/2 mark of the semester you will receive that money back (and it would go to your student loans for that semester).

Cynthia Said:

Need to know how to enter my class room phoenix university online?

We Answered:

Good luck with the program!

Irene Said:

Is the University of Phoenix Online a real college or is it just a diploma mill?

We Answered:

Because many longstanding, regionally accredited, and completely reputable state universities now offer courses and even degrees online, you can now pursue almost any area of study, including many Master's degrees, through distance education.

The links below are the absolute best you will find. They contain more links to many well-respected state university distance education programs.

What distinguishes these sorts of programs is that the courses are generally transferable between regionally accredited institutions. Sometimes, the degrees offered are identical to those earned on campus.

I would advise you to start by looking at the state university system in the state in which you live, and check to see if they offer the programs and courses in which you are interested. If not, check some other state universities. (Pennsylvania has a great system, for instance.)

Avoid the "online universities" (for-profit businesses, like U Phoenix, Capella, AIU, etc.) at all costs. These businesses do not deliver on their promises. Phoenix has been sued for deceptive business practices, AIU has lost its accreditation, etc.

Note: In institutions of higher education, regional accreditation is better than national accreditation. This sounds odd, but I assure you that it is the case. The regional accreditors are:
Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSACS)
New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS)
Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NCCU)
Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

If a program is not accredited by one of these associations, it is best to stay away.

Also, accreditation in one region is respected in all others. So a degree from an NCCU-accredited institution will be regarded as valid in all areas outside of the Northwest.

If you do a search on Yahoo!Answers, you will find many people complaining that their U of Phoenix degrees are not being taken seriously by employers. These degrees are actually laughed at in academia.

Best wishes to you, and good for you for asking the question before wasting your money!

Jose Said:

What is the education quality of University of Phoenix-online?

We Answered:

Excellent - I recently received my master's from them in March. I also attending a traditional college. I liked UOP because, as a working adult, I was able to log into class whenever I felt like it, even 3 am inthe morning. It is hard - you will have a lot of papers due and attendance requirements to make, but it is well worth it.

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