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Phoenix Online University

Maria Said:

Is Phoenix online university a good way to get your degree?

We Answered:


See the link below for lots of information on why this is a bad idea. In particular, look at the differences in salary between U of P graduates and those who go to real schools.

Lori Said:

Can I go to an American online college (like University of Phoenix) while living in Japan?

We Answered:

Yes you can. I have a BS obtained through Excelsior College in NY, USA while living in Australia, and many US military personnel obtain their degrees online while on duty in Iraq and other locations.

UoP is quite expensive so you might want consider other regionally accredited colleges that also specialize to cater to students who cannot attend on campus and may be located around the world.

Take a look at :
Thomas Edison State College
Excelsior College
Charter Oak State College

If you have any further questions about studying online while residing outside the USA, email me.

Hope this helps.

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