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Online University Rankings

Leona Said:

university rankings vs course rankings (U.K)?

We Answered:

I'd say the most important thing is picking a uni in a place that you'll be happy spending 3 years living in (eg it's no good picking a London uni just cos it's the best ranked uni if you don't like big cities!). According to this KCL is best for Mech Eng then Brunel…

Other things to consider are availability/cost of accommodation, library (a well-stocked library can save you £s on books), number of PCs per student, size of lectures (some people prefer big, others prefer small), do you want to be able to pick many option modules, student union facilities clubs and societies (big unis usually have wider range of sports/social clubs and societies than smaller unis), nightlife, cost of living, etc. Might be useful to find out what graduates of Mech Eng courses from each uni do when they leave, to give you an idea of which course might give you the best options after graduation in terms of employability

Ronnie Said:

Senior in Highschool- What is the New School University ratings? Rankings? I cant find that info online. plzz?

We Answered:

U.S. News and World Report & Princeton Review. There is also Unigo, colleges reviewed by students. Links below.

Norman Said:

Do online universities have rankings ?

We Answered:

The problem with American Sentinel is the accreditation, not the delivery method.

Regardless of delivery method (on ground, online, hybrid), a higher ed institution in the US can have 3 institutional accreditation statuses.

1. Regionally accredited - the highest and most useful.
2. Nationally accredited - real, but not as recognized or useful. Yes it is less than regional accreditation, which isn't intuitive.
3. Unaccredited

American Sentinel is accredited by the DETC - a national accreditation. You will have difficulty transferring those credits to a regionally accredited school, sitting for professional exams, and gaining acceptance by employers.

Be sure to check here before you enroll:

Marie Said:

How can i get the rankings for online colleges/university rankings in USA?

We Answered:

Can't tell you were can you get the ranks as don't have much knowledge about it. But yes can tell you where you can find list of top online colleges offering education in US.… here is the list of top colleges offering online education. All the colleges listed here are accredited from reputed organizations. Just select the course you want to opt for then the list of colleges will appear that offers the concerned degree.

It will surely help.

Mark Said:

Are there any rankings available online for undergraduate English departments?

We Answered:

I've done an Internet search and, so far, nothing to report. I'm sure there must be something like that out there if we only knew the magic words to google.

Janice Said:

Where can I get infromation on Bangladeshi university rankings and admission?

We Answered:

If you are looking for admission info, university ranking, university comparison, subject based university comparison and of course free information about scholarship, university admission circular, popular foreign universities suitable for Bangladeshi students and any other higher studies related info... Then your best choice would be

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