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Online University Degrees

Andy Said:

What do employers think of degrees from online universities like the University of Phoenix?

We Answered:

I teach at a traditional university and I also teach courses on line. I have no connection or affiliation with Univ. of Phoenix

When you look at University of Phoenix, it has pioneered an educational and service model specifically geared toward the way adults learn best and made its programs widely available to working students.

According to its website, University of Phoenix is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It also has other specialized or professional accreditations. So if you enroll in their programs and complete them, the degrees are legitimate and recognized.

The question of respect is very subjective. The respect that any university - private or public- gets depends on numerous variables. If you are looking for it to compete with Harvard or Stanford, then this is not for you. But many employers are likely to accept it as good as other accredited institutions. If you are not sure, ask your employer.

If you want traditional programs, go elsewhere. But University of Phoenix satisfies a special need and is an expanding institution

Chester Said:

Does Armstrong Atlantic State University offer Online Degrees?

We Answered:

AASU certainly does offer on-line courses. I suggest you schedule a meeting or at least a phone call with an adviser there to discuss whether the on-line offerings are sufficient to actually get your intended degree without ever being on campus, if being a remote student all the way to a degree is your intent.

Do note that while on-line courses save you commuting time and give you flexibility as to exactly when you "attend" classes, that those remote-access courses still require a substantial time commitment on your part. Also, be aware that studying remotely from your campus deprives you of the social and extra-curricular aspects of attending college. Is the reading material on the Internet and in your local library adequate to support your intended study objectives? Will you be doing any lab courses on your kitchen table?

I suppose you could try bringing a pitcher of beer and a bag of popcorn to Yahoo-chat on Friday nights as a partial substitute for the social aspects of the college years. :-)

Courtney Said:

Do employers acknowledge degrees that have been completed at an accredited online university?

We Answered:

I have a friend who works in Human Resources and I addressed the exact same question to her. Her suggestion is your best bet is a degree from the distance learning arm of a well-recogized traditional university, or at least of a well-established and accredited distance learning school.

However, legitimate online degrees seem to be better accepted for majors that tend to be knowledge-based, such as information technology areas, accounting, etc. Also, relevant work experience may augment the credibility of the online degree.

Personally, I think traditional degrees are overall accepted better because many times the person who is hiring you, had to take the "harder route" to obtain his/here degree. Many feel people who have online degrees have sort of "cheated" their way to a degree. Cheated as to "they didn't have to take all the "unnecessary classes" nor did they embody the complete college experience.

On the other hand, anyone who has taken even one on-line class is well aware that it require more dedication and you are given more work than the traditional same subject class.

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