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Online University Degree

Melvin Said:

What is the best website for american university online degree?

We Answered:

You can check it from the student reviews on American university online degrees from…

Ray Said:

Is a online university degree really hard, i am thinking of getting a degree, No prior college. Any Advice?

We Answered:

It is definitely manageable, but you may want to be careful too. It is certainly convenient, but it also requires quite a bit of self-discipline. If it is a reputable online course - through an accredited college or university - then the coursework is not likely to be easy. You might want to start out with one class at first, especially since you say you haven't had any prior college experience. It might also be good for you to take an in-person class now and again so that you can get the overall college experience through class discussions, etc. that are difficult to convey through an online environment. Hope that helps!

Hugh Said:

Do you recommend doing an Online degree and a University degree at the same time, if possible?

We Answered:

Each school has its own rules about it. You can compare their rules and students feedback here -

Martin Said:

What is the best website for online university degree?

We Answered:

you need to stop spamming.

Marion Said:

can a person have two bachelor degree in the same time, one from a local university and online degree?

We Answered:

One way this can be very advantageous is if the classroom/traditional school you are attending is not as well known as the online program you are attending.

If you time your degree right this is not a difficult process but remember, one will award before the other and many schools have second degree rules that require additional hours. You could end up delaying your graduation at the preferred school.

Lonnie Said:

What is the best website for college university online degree?

We Answered:

you need to stop spamming.

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