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Online University Australia

Agnes Said:

Does anyone know of APARTMENT complexes in Canberra, Australia that are close to Australia National University?

We Answered:

apartments in turner are the cheapest in canberra, a stone's throw from the anu too.

Manuel Said:

Tell me which online university is good one!?

We Answered:

If you want to work in law in Australia, you need to study law in Australia. You can't study, for example, Canadian law, and then work in Australia. So you need to limit your search to universities in Australia.

You also need to look into what the rules are re: education of legal assistants, legal secretaries, and paralegals in Australia, so you make sure you get the right sort of training. I don't know what those rules are. You need to speak to someone in Australia, who is familiar with this.

Jeremy Said:

Where can I get a off campus university degree list (Australia)?

We Answered:

The main distance education providers are:
Deakin Uni
University of Southern Queensland
New England University
Central Queensland University
Charles Sturt University

Most of these will offer courses in Arts, Psychology and Social Work.

I would hazard a guess and say that you would require far lower scores for entry than Monash uni at USQ, CQU and CSU. Contact them and find out to give you an idea of how reachable any of these are for you. Alas, most do not provide any information online about the score that you may need to be admitted. Naturally, the score will change a little from one year to the next depending on the demand.

Hope this helps.

Jimmie Said:

Are there any textbook rental stores/online etc in Australia?

We Answered:

There are no such stores. If you think about it - since textbooks change every year or two as newer and better ones are written - a textbook has a limited life span - say two years. So the rental would be 75% of the price in order to make a profit for the store - given second hand (1 year old) books are sold for 50% of the price it makes no sense to rent. Look for the second hand store on campus - its possible that your textbooks will be there.

Denise Said:

Which is the best Online University to study Computers?

We Answered:

you know, to be honest with you, I was born in Russia and moved to the US when I was almost 13 with my parents... both my parents had great masters diplomas from Russia which became useless here... now the question is, I don't know what is more useful... foreign diploma or online degree from the US? No one really respects an online degree in the US, but I guess a lot of Americans are also ignorant to the level of education in other countries. Since I went through both, I would rather hire a foreign worker with a degree from another country, than an American with an online degree... however it might not be the same for a lot of employers here... I think online degrees might be a waste of money... my suggestion to you would be to try to apply for jobs in other countries with the degree that you already have... and when you arrive, take some classes at real universities/colleges... it might cost more, but it will definitely get you on a better career path! good luck!

Leroy Said:

Where can i find a picture of the James Cook university's, "george roberts reapers" logo?

We Answered: good luck

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