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Online Universities Accredited

Kathy Said:

Are there any online accredited universities that offer aerospace engineering?

We Answered:

Check out Astronautical Engineering at Capitol College.

Marsha Said:

what are some good, accredited online universities for bachelors degree?

We Answered:

Your options are many and include the likes of UMass, SUNY, Florida State, U Florida, CalState, etc... There's an online degree of some sort being offered at almost every college in the US.

Louisiana State has accounting online and they are priced very nicely. Another option might be one of "the big three" where you could do you coursework online or classroom or by exam at any school and then transfer the credit to meet the degree requirements.

Excelsior College
Thomas Edison State College
Charter Oak State College

Your options are far greater than those heavily advertised online schools you see on TV - your options probably include the state U where you live.

Cecil Said:

list online universities accredited to study civil engineering?

We Answered:

online civil engineering programs:……

heres a list of civil engineering on-campus colleges, in case you change your mind:…

Paul Said:

What is a good accredited online university?

We Answered:

Know the best place where you can find best online colleges offering most of the online degrees. Go to… and explore the list of top accredited online colleges that offer degree in health related courses. The course you are looking for are really good for you as they open many job prospects for you. All the colleges listed here are top colleges and are accredited nationally and also regionally from best institutes.

Robert Said:

How does one find the best, Nationally Accredited Online Universities?

We Answered:

It always helps to know what kind of degree you are most interested in obtaining. This will help you identify online universities that specialize in the program of your choice.

I would use They offer over 120 accredited institutions and they have a simple search tool that can help you easily identify the online degree program that best fits your needs.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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