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Online Courses University

Martha Said:

Has anyone taken online courses at Kaplan University?

We Answered:

I attended a private college that most vote to be one of the best liberal arts colleges in the nation. My years there were wholly unguided. I never had a staff person come next to me and direct me in taking classes that would fit my skills or be useful later, never had someone suggest making sure that in four years what I took would be useful later, nothing. Nada. My wife has regularly had Kaplan staff call her to make sure that all goes well. For it being conducted over the Internet, with vast geographic distances between staff, faculty, and students, I have seen a much more personally involved, interested educational providers than any of the (many) places I've been to.
My wife would merely say that she highly recommends it. I go into detail.

Dana Said:

Will my EI get cut off if I take Online courses at the University?

We Answered:

my best guess is that it will depend on your course load. if you can demonstrate that you really are available for work and actually have the time to work, along with your courses, you "may" be okay.
If it would seem unreasonable that you could take these courses and still work, you may be penalized or cut off.
they may ask you for proof of active job search under this circumstance.
It's unfortunate that they do this as taking courses sure beats sitting around twiddling thumbs and I'm pretty sure everyone knows there is only "so much" job searching" you can do and with the internet it is now pretty quick and easy to look for work and do other things as well.
good luck!

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