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On Line Universities

Ella Said:

How accredited are on-line universities and will degrees from them be recognized in the business world?

We Answered:

Degrees from online-only universities are accredited, but many employers see it as an easy way out. If you have to do an online degree, I recommend taking online classes from an actual university. Many respected universities offer online classes and degrees, and an employer wouldn't even be able to tell that you did the coursework online, because it isn't typically noted on your transcripts.

Allison Said:

How do you find credible on line universities?

We Answered:

You have to check the accreditation of the university. That will start to tell you if it is reputable. If you need to know the standard accrediting bodies in your field of study, you can find that on the web or by asking people in the industry. Be careful because some groups of universities have created their 'own' accreditation body. So they can say they are 'accredited' but it's not recognized by anyone.

Another good sign is that the credits are transferable. That means that other universities recognize the quality of their program.

Joann Said:

are on-line universities worth the time and effort? how do employers view such diplomas?

We Answered:

I think whether the degree is viewed favorably depends a lot on the school. Right now, I am studying for my graduate degree online. It is an established university that gives you the option of taking none, part, or all of your classes online. The graduate program in general is respected by employers. My advice for you would be to pick a college that has conventional "offline" degree programs, but also offers online alternatives. The schools that are only online usually have short academic histories. Without an established reputation, employers may not know how to value the education that you have received.

Note in one of my classes, there was a student who had recently completed her degree with the University of Phoenix. She was part of my team for group projects. Her writing skills were horrible, and she constantly attempted to plagiarize, which would have affected all of our grades. We notified the prof who stated that he would take this into account when grading our papers. However, in order to prevent embarrassment since papers were posted for the class to read, we completely rewrote all of her work. I lost all respect for U of P.

Rachel Said:

What on-line universities offer part time for students?

We Answered:

I thought University of Phoenix allows you to study on your time...

Try Atlantic International University, but check them out before enrolling

Joel Said:

Who are the best and most reasonable priced On-line Universities?

We Answered:

There are no "best" online universities - they are all scams, waiting to separate foolish people from their money.

Go to the closest state university that offers a BSRN program.

Good luck to you - there is a worldwide shortage of nurses and you will always have work.

If you can, see if you can get into a nurse-anesthetist program. There is a huge demand for them and the pay is extraordinary.

Jeremy Said:

Are many of these on-line universities really good?

We Answered:

No. But you can take courses on-line from many regular, public universities. Just check under "Distance Education" or "Distance Learning". If you do want a university which is just on-line try Western Governers. Outside of the US Athabasca an Open Learning at TRU in Canada are okay and Open University in Britain is in fact an outstanding university.

Eugene Said:

Why Do Several On line Universities Operate Out of Minnesota?

We Answered:

Minnesota is a leader in this country in three areas: education, medical research, and medical care. Minnesota has continiously been ranked high among states in ACT/SAT scores, teacher pay, graduation rates, medical research, business education, and education rates for non-traditional learners.

Your assessment that Minnesota has several online schools is inaccurate. Arizona has over four online schools, Georgia has five (not all accredited), Florida has three to seven depending on which search engine you use, New York also has a couple. Wyoming is the king of onlines schools unforetunately many including Warren National University (formerly Kennedy-Western), Hamilton University (which recently moved to the Bahama's but still maintains a "records office" there.

Capella and Walden are well respected and have outstanding reputations. Minnesota is know for "setting the pace" in many areas and it's educators are always thinking outside the box.

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There are number of thing you’ll also need to take into account before searching for online school or University, such as: effective time control, certification, your convenience with technological innovation, connecting/networking with colleagues and access to your educational advisers.