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Nottingham Trent University

Sherri Said:

Which are the closest areas to Nottingham Trent University?

We Answered:

The Arboretum is the closest to Nottingham Trent University city centre campus (don't forget they also have a campus in Clifton 4 miles to the SW of the city). You might also get accommodation in the City itself. Next closest would be Radford, Mapperley and Lenton - all about 20 minutes walk. I have just let a house to students in the Arrboretum or I would be able to help more. Good look with your search. There is lots of accommodation available on

Ken Said:

Where is Nottingham Trent University located?

We Answered:

Not sure why the answer above was given a thumbs down ... Trent University's main campus is located in Peterborough, Ontario which is just over 2 hours away from Toronto.

Trent also has a smaller presence in Oshawa, Ontario which is about 1 hour away from Toronto (less depending on how far east you start start from).

Trent University in Oshawa shares its campus with Durham College and UOIT. See this link for their contact information:…

Ramon Said:

How long does it take to get from Nottingham Trent University to Central London?

We Answered:

A cheaper alternative to the train is the National Express coach which goes direct from Nottingham Trent Uni (Clifton Campus) to London Victoria in 3hrs 40mins - under £15 one way with a Young Persons Coach card. There are 2 coaches a day in the mornings. Alternatively travel even cheaper from the main Nottingham coach station. Not much in it timewise.

Jason Said:

What do you think of Nottingham trent university?

We Answered:

Nottingham Trent has invested many millions of pounds in its media courses and their facilities.

It has an excellent reputation in radio and is working hard to build a reputation in various areas of TV production.

Looking at league tables is rarely helpful. It may give you an overview, but courses can vary wildly in quality within one university, and most universities (whether 'new' or traditional) have areas of expertise at which they are the best, possibly in the country.

In the area of TV you'd probably be looking at Bournemouth, Trent, and the University of Central Lancashire as those with good facilities in what is still a new area for most

The best way to judge a course is to go to open days and ask lots of questions. What percentage of people who've taken this course get the kind of job you are looking for? Do the people who are teaching it have lots of professional experience in a relevant area? Are the facilities good (and relevant to what is actually used in the industry today?) or are they outdated and/or irrelevant? Do undergraduates actually have access to those facilities?

Nottingham has a huge student population with a lot going on and does well in polls where students rate their city

Craig Said:

Sports Science at Hull University or Nottingham Trent University?

We Answered:

Not from personal experience, but you need to determine what you want from a uni. Do you want to be in a big city (Nottingham is bigger and probably more diverse and lively) or a smaller place? Have you been to the open days of both uni's? Only by actually visiting these places can you "see" yourself there or not. You can also speak to the tutors of the course and find out exactly what they offer. Also, all uni's keep stats on what their previous students are doing doing ("Destinations"). This will give you an idea of how well students do at this uni and on this course and what they have gone onto do. You nee dto be objective with this, as if you listen to other people who have gone to each uni they will have either had a good or bad experience and this does not necessarily mean that you will have the same experience. Find out what you want from a uni and a course and then find out which one matches your preferences.

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