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Northern Michigan University

Randall Said:

Is there anybody on here that goes to Northern Michigan University?

We Answered:

why does michigan have so many colleges......

Cory Said:

Is anyone here going to Northern Michigan University in Marquette?

We Answered:

Check out the message board in the link below.

Joseph Said:

What's it like in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Marquette and Northern Michigan University)?

We Answered:

Very beautiful and very remote. It is very different from the lower peninsula of Michigan as well.

The winters are snowier and colder. There is plenty to do outdoors. Great hiking. Check out Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore and Tequahmenon Falls. The Porcupine Mountains further to the west are great as well. Not to mention Lake Superior.

It will be an adjustment but, if you are going there for school there will be plenty of other people there that are transplants as well.

Courtney Said:

Is there any Northern Michigan University cotton fabric available to buy?

We Answered:

try broad bay cotton link below, or maybe interior
or look at the search lists I have provided.

Shirley Said:

What is the best residental hall at northern michigan university?

We Answered:

Northern and Marquette really is just a lot of Yoopers and Hippies.
It's a fun, relaxed school in a beautiful area, I dont think the hall will make a difference. Its a pretty small school.

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