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Northeastern University Online

Eleanor Said:

Northeastern University online MBA. Any experiences?

We Answered:

Its not a most selective program, but definitely a more selective program. I think they accept somewhere between 25% to 35% of applicants.The criteria to be considered for admission- you must fill out the required application, have a minimum of 5 years work experience, 3 professional recommendations, a resume, over the phone interview, write an admissions essay and of course hold an accredited bachelors (doesn't have to be in business) with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Its a rigorous but great program. All students in the program are high caliber professionals. Small classes, 12-15 students per class, for more 1on1 attention. Even though the format is on-line, there is allot of interaction between students and professors. NU is a true leader in distance learning. Its an AACSB accredited MBA program (very important), and ranked in the top 100 MBA programs in the country. Keep in mind there are roughly 3,000 business schools in the US.

Apply! You have nothing to loose and everything to gain!

Good Luck!

Kristin Said:

Is Northeastern University Online good?

We Answered:

Hi :)
I too am currently reviewing Northeastern Online for a graduate studies degree. I have looked at some of the other programs and this one seems to really be user friendly. Did you take a look at the video introduction of how their online program works? I really liked the idea of being able to watch lectures online. I also was happy to see that students are able to discuss topics in a message board format.

Northeastern University has a very good reputation. From what they say on their website their online program provides the same excellent education as if you were on campus.

And, when you do graduate it will say that you are a graduate from Northeastern University - not online University.

Good Luck!!

Clarence Said:

Northeastern University - College of Professional Studies? help please!?

We Answered:

Every university has colleges and departments. Northeastern is the same. The College of Professional Studies is the part of Northeastern that does distance, evening, weekend, adult, etc... learning programs. There's also a College of Arts and Sciences, College of Health Science, College of Business Administration, etc... and some of those even have their own name as well - Bouve College of Health Science at Northeastern University.

So, the CPS is indeed part of the "real" Northeastern but it's not the College of Arts and Sciences or one of the others - it's CPS. Some people care about such minor distinctions - others don't.

When you refer to Northeastern as "top in the states" are you sure you're not thinking about Northwestern? Northeastern is #80 Tier 1 National. Northwestern is #12 Tier 1 National. #80 out of some 5000 is a pretty good place to be but it's not #12 ?

Northeastern CPS is indeed the one-and-same Northeastern University in Boston Mass. In the same way that Harvard Extension is the one-and-same Harvard University (and also teaches online). There's a distinction though between the resident colleges and the extension programs is all and that does matter to some people.

Lance Said:

Northeastern University Online?

We Answered: - it provides info about this school, tips to apply and its scholarships.

Brent Said:

Online university question?

We Answered:

While the quality of the academic rigor has improved at U of P and Kaplan, the stigma still exists that a degree from a traditional university prepares graduates better than does one from an online program.

Fair or not, given that stigma, I would lean towards a program (online or on-campus) from a traditional university.

As a hiring manager, I don't look as much at the source of the degree as I used to, instead focusing on the character, work ethic, and demonstratable history of results that a particular applicant brings to the table. This isn't always the case, though, so regardless of where you choose to pursue your education, make sure you can speak to these points.

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