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Minnesota Colleges And Universities List

Vincent Said:

What are all/some of the co-ed universities and colleges within an hour or so of Saint Paul, MN?

We Answered:

Public 4 year accredited degree granters:
Metropolitan State
UofMn - Twin Cities

St. Thomas
St. Benedict (St. Cloud) - Not Coed though (gals only)
St. Johns (St. Cloud) - Not Coed (guys only)
St. Olaf
St. Marys

They are all excellent institutions with some better than others depending on what you wish to study and what you wish to spend...

Lynn Said:

Thoughts about these colleges that I may be considering this year as a senior?

We Answered:

OK, nobody is going to know all of these colleges. All I can do is comment on a couple of the ones that I know.

Washington College often attracts a lot of the top writing prospects in the country because of their amazing $50,000 writing prize. Plus, it is central to their curriculum, so if writing is your area, and you want a smaller school, that's probably a good choice.

New College is a very unique place, and truthfully, isn't right for everyone, but some people think it's wonderful. Essentially, it is a self-directed, self-study program, where you design your own program. It's great if you are extremely self-motivated and have a clear picture of what you want to do and how to get there, but a lot of people who still need some guidance end up washing out.

The other places I only know by reputation. Most of them have pretty average reputations, but nothing embarrassing. Evergreen State is probably not my favorite. My nephew loved it there, but unless you're planning to stay in the state, I don't think the reputation carries anywhere else. I truthfully have never heard of Eugene-Lang, so I can't comment on that at all.

Theresa Said:

SAT help. ineed the list of scores for american universities?

We Answered:

I don't think there are hard and fast minimums (or so they say), but you can get a really good idea of the range by looking at any college guide book. If it's worth it, I would buy something like the Princeton Review 336 Best Colleges (I think that's the name and the # of schools they list) . Those types of college guides will give you the average SAT score, and I think maybe even a range. It also ranks quality of life, and tells you some about the school, plus other useless info.

You should also look at and check out their Colleges and Universities section, since those will likely show you the average SAT scores of the most recent class.

Leonard Said:

How are Minnesota winters?

We Answered:

-Longer & Colder than Pennsylvania's, with about the same amount of Snow. -So bring your Parkas, your Wool Hat, & your Snow Shovel. :)

Carrie Said:

What are my best choices if I'm not accepted by University of Minnesota? My major is Counseling Psychology.

We Answered:

Although it is not in Minnesota, Ball State in Indiana has an excellent Counseling Psych undergrad program. If you want to go to a MN school, perhaps a bachelors in general psych at Bethel or St Cloud State, then move on to Counseling Psych for your Masters.

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