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Mid America Christian University

Albert Said:

Ramadan: How qualitative is the quantity that turns to Islam?.?

We Answered:

I hear crickets chirping!!! churp.... churp... churp.....

Muslims have the same right same abilities the rest of the world has, but alas.... where is their energy going.....????

Good luck trying to get an answer from these kids on the ramadan section...

Allah hasn't given them any free will and love to do anything. Remember... islam = submission to allah...

Lance Said:

Why is development in Islamic World inversely co-related to the fast growth of Islam?

We Answered:

Had a nice rant, Palestine-Hater?

Leon Said:

Would you vote for a candidate who has spend years aiding and abetting those who hate America?

We Answered:

I'll never allow myself to even consider Obama as an American Citizen.
He should be tried for Treason. Read Article III and the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution. He shouldn't even be in Congress.

Pauline Said:

Are you proud of the KKK and similar groups that are now anti immigration? Or do you run and hide?

We Answered:

In a nation of 300 million people only 5000 knuckleheads are members of the KKK, there are other racist groups with real frightening numbers and tax funding that you should pay attention to also.

People see the KKK for what it is..... pathetic, racist, small minded, hate - the initials KKK are synonymous with hate and everybody knows their agenda, nothing subtle about this group. They are small and pitiful and not welcome in any town in the United States for their marches. All racist groups should be exposed and dismantled (All).

Gloria Said:

Can you come up an answer for this?-----------------------------------…

We Answered:

whenever i hear a racist rant like this, i have to wonder why these people are not on a big boat back to africa where they say they belong and where their allegiance is. if it is so bad here and they love it so much there, why are they still here? stop annoying us and go the **** back to africa already! get the **** out!

Dana Said:

Inspired Q: Muslims, why does the RESULTANT EFFECT of socio-religious foundation favours Judeo-Christian World?

We Answered:

Contrary to what many people believe, ancient Arabs invented more than twenty things we use today; if you are interested in knowing what they invented you may look it up.
Arabs were a very inquisitive people and they collected new knowledge from the people they conquered and brought it to light. A good example was 'Algebra' which they acquired from India.

It was during the Crusades that Europeans learnt the new knowledge from the Muslims and improved on the inventions. Without Muslims, we would be still living in the Middle ages.
At the end of the Crusades Muslims worked together with Christians to improve on inventions introduced by Muslims; it was the age of enlightenment and the light came from Muslims.
Some Historians think that it was the Ottoman Empire that caused the fall of the Muslim enlightenment, handing over the power to Europeans who were quick to take complete control.
After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, with their knowledge stolen and their military power diminished, Muslims fell into a state of moral, spiritual and economic defeat; this opened the way for fanatics to feed on the situation and presently threatens to take Muslims back to ancient times.

If you are a fair person as I think you are, no matter what you think of Muslims today, you will have to acknowledge the heroics of Muslims of the past and the distinguish role they payed in the making of our modern world.

Roberta Said:

Ramadan: Inspired Q: By whose power does the resultant effect ( of religion ) favour Judeo-Christian World?

We Answered:

The figures are definitely saying something, that's for sure. It's a good point to make and I'm sure that there are a number of reasons for this situation.

One thing you might consider, though, is that those countries and groups that are outperforming Muslims and Muslim-dominated countries are typically secular in outlook, where religion is viewed as a private, personal matter and does not control or dominate the government.

While you referred to some of them as "Christian" countries, the truth is that they are essentially secular, and they generally frown on too much religious influence in government policy and institutions (including schools and universities, where this progress starts).

Historically, religious control or dominance of government and society has tended to act as a restraint on free speech and free inquiry, making progress difficult if not impossible. Religions are generally conservative in outlook. Those religious societies have also frequently had strict social roles and little social mobility, both of which can depress innovation and new ways of thinking. It is not easy to follow a new line of inquiry, to see things in a new way, to be motivated to change if you have to toe some religious party line while doing it.

Just a thought.

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