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List Of University

Arthur Said:

Im thinking of applying to University through UCAS, what should be the first preference in the list?

We Answered:

The admissions tutors will look first, last and always at your projected grades. If you are projcted all As, it makes no difference because of grade inflation, and they will set you an exam or depend on inteiew. Having spoken to your teachers, who 9/10 times get their predictions right, though not in my case, choose your course accordingly. Going to University will throw you into long term debt. Make sure your course has well paid job a the end of it or don't bother. For example, there are about sixty times more graduates in theatre management each year than there are vacancies in this field. It is better to become competent in a well paid field which may not thrill you than run up a debt of £20,000 doing hallucinogenic management or some such.

Susan Said:

How can i get a consoldated mark list from University of Madras.?

We Answered:

Consolidated marks sheet depends upon the University, if it distributes then only you will get it...
First of all you need to ask whether Madras University produce such Marks sheet...
If yes, then you can request the registrar or the department which issues the marks sheet of your University...
But as far as I know each semester & year have separate marks sheet...

Carla Said:

Why is it that some colleges and university list a Bachelor's Degree in Business differently?

We Answered:

Ooh I found out when doing a BA (hons) Marketing degree. Some business people consider marketing as an art (advertising, communication etc) and others as a science as you need to kinda know what people are thinking (e.g. consumer psychology)

It depends what your specific modules are but they are pretty much considered the same when looking for employment after uni.

Mathew Said:

List of university in california order by reputation?

We Answered:

Lol, do a google search: College Rankings. If you can't do that research, then how are you going to make it at a university?

Rodney Said:

Anyone know any university in ireland which can offer degree programmes.I need list of universities in ireland?

We Answered:

Trinity College, Dublin
University College Cork
University College Dublin
National University of Ireland, Maynooth
National University of Ireland, Galway
University of Limerick

Johnny Said:

How do i apply for a university scholarship and can i have a list of them? Thanks?

We Answered:

ok try this web site http;//… then on the left side of the page "scholar ship" or something like that you will get it there

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