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Janice Said:

Who killed science in the Islamic world?

We Answered:

radicalism killed science in the islamic world. when ever science discovers something something doesnt like some people are all ways left behind.

Randall Said:

Does anyone want to be my sponsor for the LLM at Oxford University?

We Answered:

Sorry but i can not.

Kurt Said:

Why is scientific and technological leadership so rare in the Islamic world? Why so few medical advances?

We Answered:

a couple of schools were bombed this week by islamic extremists


"teaching western-style education"

Isaac Said:

are black people going to lead the world in the near future?

We Answered:

He's trying to be funny don't take any of his question seriously.

Ida Said:

What country will lead the world through mid and late 21century?

We Answered:

I think that China will have it hands down.


Tara Said:

With what likelihood will I find a pastoral position?

We Answered:

Education does not qualify anyone for the position one hopes for. Positions come by the orchestration of God within you. We think we can force doors open. God opens doors and when he does it is your talents that keep it open. Paul said I count it all as dung for the love of Christ. Show me a person that has not been broken by God and they will be arrogant ignorant and selfish. But when one suffers for the cause of Christ nothing can stop them no matter if they are on a street corner or in jail. God's word will go forth. You need some assistance but it has to come from God. How is your worship and praise going? Do you give time to study for the love of it. How do you treat people even if they are ingrates?
We can know so much about the things of God that we can do no one any spiritual good. Matthew 5.6.7.

You have walked with men for years. you have lots of experience with them and have been taught. God allows us to obtain credentials. You have a lot of pedigree,but you have to know God to gain success.

In this life we will have many troubles and it takes the work of God to help us overcome trials and troubles. Education is good but closeness with God is a plus. When we show a momentum towards God he shows us where we are going and what is our calling. You will have times when those accomplishments will be secondary and not even necessary for the need of people. You can not get enough degrees to satisfy the hunger and need in and individual. It is then that you will know you do not have enough. God will empower you to have enough when you let him drive your purpose.

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more details said:

I don't know why you have brought up a religion here while talking about science. Their beliefs are different and science has nothing to do with such religious beliefs and rules. It is the part of a tradition that people have been following for quite a long time.

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China is developing itself more than anyone. While taking assignment help UK, I read there a line, which was "China will be the 21st century king"

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While searching for leading universities I have found your blog and found it helpful and informative. About the question Janice asked I want to add something that its a common belief that Persian theologian Al-Ghazali was responsible for the end of Golden Age of Islamic world. The period of 750 CE to 1250 CE was remarkable for Muslims and they were rising in research and technology very rapidly. You can see the essays related to the topic on internet and if you want some help in writing you can take help from best essay writing service online.

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Year 2013 has been quite eventful.

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Its website describes its functions as a laboratory of ideas and a standard setter to forge agreements on emerging ethical issues, and as a clearinghouse for the dissemination and sharing of information and knowledge; it helps member states to build human and institutional capacities, and promotes international cooperation among its members in the fields of education, science, culture and communication

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Jalen said:

The period of 750 CE to 1250 CE was remarkable for Muslims and they were rising in research and technology very rapidly. <a title="james" href="">james</a>

james said:

Teachers may provide instruction in literacy and numeracy, craftsmanship or vocational training, the arts, religion, civics, community roles, or life skills.

james said:

This is true throughout most of the United States as well. However, alternative approaches for primary education do exist. said:

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