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King Saud University

Roberto Said:

Is it advisable for a non-muslim to study at King Saud or another Middle-Eastern university?

We Answered:

If you know so little about the Middle East to ask such a question, then don't study there.

Henry Said:

King Saud University?

We Answered:

With that Salary and those allowances, you can definitely be able to live a decent life in Riyadh. King Saud University have a nice compound you can live at.
if you are Indian, I think there is two international Indian schools here.
if you are a westerner and would like an English speaking school, there are plenty of international schools here too.
I'm not sure how much they cost but usually they are 6000-30000 S.R. depends on how good the schools is.

as for the car, please specify, because your question is very broad. if you mean like used 2007 toyota camry , probably would be 30000 S.R or more or less ...

Brenda Said:

Life in King Saud University?

We Answered:

This is a very nice offer.You will live a very decent life there, you will be living above the average people there.
As a Muslim, you will not find any problem there.
Housing rent in Riyadh is cheaper than other major cities in Saudi Arabia.
You can find an apartment with two bedrooms, two bath rooms, living room and a kitchen with a cost if 15000/year.
living in a compound is better though.
international schools may cost 20000/year. but i am not sure.
A new 5 seat car like a Honda accord may cost you 85000SAR
A smaller 4 seat car like VW Golf may cost you 70000SAR
A used car cost less, you better buy a Japanese cars like Toyota cars.

They thing I dont like in Ryiadh and in Saudi Arabia is the weather, it is HOT.
in winter the weather may get very cold in some days.
The culture is very different from what you used to see, so be ready to see the unexpected. :)

Janice Said:

how to get admission in college of medicine for doing mbbs in king saud university and how much will it cost?

We Answered:

College of Medicine at King Saud University offers undergraduate programme in medicine.

All students to enrol in the Medical program at King Saud University must be accepted first in the unified program for health science. This is a one year program that all students wanting to enrol in any of the following three colleges must study (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy ). The criteria for acceptance in the unified program changes from years to years.

# A monthly allowance of 990 SR is paid by the University to each student.
# Two complete sets of uniforms and basic examination tools are given to each student.
# One new laptop is given to each student to use during the years of study.
# Free medical care is provided in the University Hospitals.

More information from university web site.……

Gertrude Said:


We Answered:

my eyes are sensitive no need for caps
just keep in mind we are not blind

Ronald Said:

Does anyone know of any well priced apartments in a good area near King Saud university?

We Answered:

The area near King Saud University is quite expensive.
Therefore you could be disappointed if you go for a bargain...
I would recommend you find an lettings agent to help you.
Try the following link:…
Good Luck!

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