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John Carroll University

Esther Said:

What SAT score and GPA is needed to get into John Carroll University?

We Answered:

According to princeton review the average act score is between 21-26 and the average gpa is a 3.33
My friend is going there this coming fall as well and got in with a 23 act with a 3.5 gpa.

Fernando Said:

If you teach full time at a private university, what kind of pension do you get?

We Answered:

Social Security.

Shane Said:

Will a 19 ACT and a 3.5 GPA get me into John Carroll University?

We Answered:

I would say that you have a good chance! Your GPA is at least at the 58th percentile, I'd say, of GPAs at John Carroll. Your ACT is unfortunately below the middle 50%, so I'd try and take it again to see if you could at least get a 21.

The ACT and your GPA aren't all that matters, though. Your extracurriculars, the courses you select (how challenging they are), volunteer work, class rank and application essay also have a say in your acceptance. I would say you have pretty good chance!

Gary Said:

Should I start university in the fall or spring?

We Answered:

If student loan debt is your main concern, why not knock out a couple of Gen Ed classes at your local community college before transferring to your preferred university in the spring? That way you are getting some classes out of the way while avoiding a large amount of debt until you can get your scholarships and other awards worked out.

Miguel Said:

john Carroll university in ohio?

We Answered:

I hadn't heard of it before this question, but I looked it up, and it is ranked 7th best for masters degrees in the midwest by US News.


They don't appear to have a law school, but for undergrad studies, there is an english department.

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