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Hong Kong University

Nicholas Said:

Do you think i could get in to University of Hong Kong?

We Answered:

Your profile looks pretty good. But you have to go to the University of Hong Kong website to be certain.

Troy Said:

Hong Kong University residences, can males and females share rooms?

We Answered:

As far as I know, unless you and your friend can prove to be blood relatives (e.g. brother-sister relationship, cousins, etc), but since you already mentioned "a male friend" -so that's a "no". In most cases, they have separate rooms for boys / girls. You can opt for a cheaper price by sharing with a random student of the same gender. You can also rent outside the campus (just for you and your friend), pretty difficult specially if you need to commute back and forth. That's what you could do if you feel sharing a room with a random student doesn't appeal well to you.

Erin Said:

Do I need math standard (for IB) if I want to apply for Hong Kong University medical school?

We Answered:

Standard is good, but com''re in could do way better than the University of Hong Kong.

See this for more details:

Cathy Said:

Decision between Mackintosh of Architecture or Hong Kong University, for Architecture course.?

We Answered:

Place the name of each school separately into your favorite search engine and then add the phrase reviews and rankings. Compare and contrast them.

Wendy Said:

What a-levels grades will i need to get into a university in hong kong?

We Answered:

Seriously? Wow.
I think it depends on the reigon in hong kong, maybe low expections or something then. I thought they were really smart over there.
I'll say find an actually Uni over there and check there entry requirements.
I know there is the University of Hong Kong.

Constance Said:

How can Chinese students afford to go to university Hong Kong?

We Answered:

Many Chinese students from Mainland who pursue their studies in Hong Kong get scholarship and other subsidies from the government.

Christina Said:

How to get accepted at Hong Kong University as an Indonesian student?

We Answered:


A. Students from high schools:

1. At least 12 years of pre-university schooling on a full-time basis;
2. Senior secondary school-leaving certificate (e.g. Surat Tanda Tamat Belajar Sekolah Menengah Tingkat Atas (STTB SMA)) fulfilling the minimum high school graduation requirement;
3. A combined score of not less than 1100 in old SAT I plus at least 550 in SAT II English Writing or a total score of not less than 1650 in new SAT I with a sub-score on essay of not less than 8; and
4. A score of not less than 600 in at least 2 SAT II subjects including Mathematics.

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