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Harvard University Location

Larry Said:

Help with college info?

We Answered:

I only know about US colleges, but since many of your colleges are in the US, these sources should be of help:
U.S. News Report is a good source for colleges in America( They have undergraduate rankings and also rankings for undergraduate programs.
Princeton Review and Fiske publish books every year that give details about many colleges. is also helpful. and provide some candid information from actual students/parents.

But remember that the most accurate information is found on the school's own website. You should be able to find all of the information that you're looking for on the school's website . . . it might just take a little longer.

Erika Said:

A university or collage and their requirements.?

We Answered:

Harvard Business School offers only postgraduate degrees, and Harvard does not have an undergraduate business major. You would have to earn an undergraduate degree somewhere before applying to the B School.

Since you use the term "chartered accountant," I'm assuming you are not in the U.S. Check into undergraduate business programs in your country. Because I don't know what that is (the UK? Canada?), I can't really help you.

If the U.S. is the country in which you want to attend school, then look into the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School undergraduate program. It is one of the best in the world, and Penn is one of our top universities in general -- an Ivy League school. It is, however, highly selective.

Cynthia Said:

Location of Harvard and John Hopkins?

We Answered:

Harvard - Boston/Cambridge, MA
John Hopkins - Baltimore, MD

Howard Said:

Essay over 'The Moth' sculpture on Iowa State University Help!?

We Answered:

You could quote what Lynette Pohlman, director of the university museums said about the work: ...."The Moth," is typical of his work, she said, in that it's abstract and impressionistic and makes strong use of light and shadow.She added that on two days of each year, the moth will be perfectly reflected on the ground. What days? "I don't know or want to know," Pohlman replied. "I want to look each day and be delighted when it happens." (Actually, the last bit of this quote would be quite a good way to end your essay)…
Also: yuu could put in (see link above) that the sculpture was funded through the Iowa Art in State Buildings Project, which designates one-half of one percent of the cost of construction projects to works of public art.
.I think that you could fill out your description of the location with a few sentences about the other sculptures on campus. Does the work fit in with them as regards style?
You don't describe the location of the piece from an artistic point of view: e.g. II the sculpture sited on grass or stone; are their buildings behind it; In other words; what is its setting? Can it be seen from afar? By the way, what color is the marble; is it veined; or smooth?
.After your short biography of the artist ending with the worddsOld Westbury, it would be a good idea to write a few sentences about the style and character of other works by Mac Adams - not on the campus, giving an example or two with their location; and say whether you see a connection with the Moth sculpture. e.g. Has he ever made an abstract piece from any other living thing?
If you put in some of the items I have mentioned, and add an introduction and a conclusion, you should have reached more than your word target.
I hope these few comments/ideas prove helpful.

Victor Said:

Howard University or Columbia College Chicago?

We Answered:

Where did you hear that Columbia College Chicago is a top ranked journalism school? My impression of Columbia College Chicago is that it's big. I admit I don't know its reputation in Journalism, so do be sure they rank as well as you think they do. Find an independent source.

Howard is extremely well respected as an elite HBCU. Employers tend to recruit at Howard (and Morehouse, and Spelman) as if it were a top 10 university. It graduates people who go on to do *extremely* powerful things in many fields. Its name has serious pull.

In the end, though, you need to go to the school that you feel fits you best. And I suspect that's Columbia Chicago, based on what you wrote. But do a campus visit of both schools before you apply, and in fact, apply to both and see which admits you and gives you the most aid. Then decide.

You can do well in journalism coming out of *any* school. Just make sure you do an internship, and do every journalism-related thing you can do on campus and locally. Work the student paper, work the local papers, do an internship, etc. Work work work. Build your portfolio and resume. Make sure you're strong coming out of school, both in education and in experience.

Craig Said:

Which University is the best for Medicine ?

We Answered:

I attend UAB and think it is a very good school. UAB ( University of Alabama at Birmingham ) and its med school UASOM ( University of Alabama School of Medicine ) are one of the best schools out there. UAB was #26 in the nation for top notch Med schools I think in Newsweek or USNEWS in 2003.

You may want to see if there is a new "college rankings" issue for 2005/2006. I'm pretty sure it was in Newsweek.

Agnes Said:

I want to become a doctor can I go to Harvard University?

We Answered:

To get into Harvard Medical (a great medical school, but not the best one in the country), you need a 4-year college degree (high GPA), great MCAT scores, and great recommendations.

Location: Cambridge, MA
Cost: at least $45,000 a year probably more
Time: medical school is an additional 4 years of college

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