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Harvard University Address

Shelly Said:

cover letter: recipient address question?

We Answered:

If you're submitting it electronically it should go to the appropriate place. Therefore, I would suggest putting the "official" human resources address on the cover letter. I believe that would be appropriate and will stay with the official format. Straying from that format may look a little funny, so I would use the official format.

Edgar Said:

If I were the student body president of Harvard, would I address...?

We Answered:

Since staff members can apply to anyone from professor to janitor, that can be considered insulting. If you're talking to the professors, call them professor. 'Teacher' isn't used after the high school level.

Theodore Said:

I would like to get the Complete speech which William H Gates have addressed at Harvard University?

We Answered:

Here it is:…

Hazel Said:

Which college is better for science and engineering: Harvard, Princeton, or Yale?

We Answered:

For science and engineering, do more research. You have to pay for undergraduate rankings but US News and World Report publishes the results of its comprehensive research on graduate schools on the Web. ...and it makes sense that those institutions with an excellent graduate program would also have at least a very good undergraduate program.

Of the three, Princeton has the highest ratings for engineering (18th), but doesn't even crack the top 10 in the country (MIT, Stanford, and Berkeley are 1, 2, 3)

MIT is also number 1 in mathematics with Harvard and Princeton tied with the other two from above for second.

The full report lets you see additional data about specific fields (e.g., top civil engineering schools, top computer science schools, etc...). If you're really serious about getting the best education possible AND you have the grades to pull it off, then the $15 you'd pay to access this info would be well spent...or you could browse print copies of college rankings guides in your local Barnes & Nobel (or other bookstore)!

Renee Said:

Does anybody know a link of a good picture of a cytoskeleton?

We Answered:

Try these links.
I'll pass on the recognition.

Greg Said:

harvard college or harvard university?

We Answered:

The institution is Harvard University. Universities have different colleges withing them such as college of business, college of nursing, college of arts and sciences etc. Within Harvard University is the undergraduate program which is called Harvard College. If you look at the admissions page you will see what I mean.......

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