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Drexel University Online

Carl Said:

Is Drexel University Online a good school?, who is enrolled there?, they are registered?

We Answered:

Drexel University online is not so bad as it seems, from a quick online search.
The website says this:
"Drexel University, Philadelphia's technological university, is among the top 50 private, non-profit, national doctoral/research universities in the US, and is ranked by U.S.News & World Report as one of America's Best Colleges for 2007. Drexel University Online also received the 21st Century Best Practice Award for Distance Learning from the United States Distance Learning Association."

and scatterplots indicate the college itself is a competitive college:

Nelson Said:

Question about Drexel University's B.S. online program in IT?

We Answered: - it provides info about this school, tips to apply and its scholarships.

Anthony Said:

Does anyone take courses online with Drexel University?

We Answered:

it's easy - take up to 3 at a time and you have to write papers, but they're not hard tho.

Bonnie Said:

Is a degree from Drexel Online worth it? What would you choose between Temple and Drexel online?

We Answered: - it provides info about this school, tips to apply and its scholarships.

Joyce Said:

PhD from Capella University Online?

We Answered:

As with your MS, you'd do better getting an online degree from a traditional, brick and mortar college, rather than from a college that's famous for being online and which is for-profit, like Capella.

In addition, what do you hope to do with this PhD? Academia - college teaching? If so, then know that online PhD are very much looked down on re: college professorships.

In addition, if you can do the degree full time in person at a real uni, it may be free for you. You may end up fully funded - they'll pay for your tuition in exchange for your work as a TA or RA.

Mitchell Said:

opinions on going to college online?

We Answered:

A couple years ago I researched online classes for myself, then wound up in night classes to finish my degree.

As a result of my research I have some suggestions for you of things to evaluate and consider when you look at online colleges.

1. Research accreditation--Who gives the college accreditation and if you decide to transfer somewhere else will the classes be accepted at other colleges?

2. How will this degree look on a resume and to a potential employer? Basically what is the perceived "value" of the degree and what does it say on the diploma/transcript? Does this college only offer classes online, is a potential employer going to look at it and say "I never heard of this college...Oh, its just an online school" and put your resume in the bottom of the stack? Or does this college also have a physical campus, a good reputation, and issue you a degree the same as any other student that attends the physical campus?

3. Can you really study at your own pace with the online classes? The online classes I have taken before all had deadlines throughout the class for when assignments had to be turned in. Sure I could study when I wanted during the week, but there were always weekly deadlines.

4. Are you ready for online classes? Are you computer savy? Are you self-motivated and able to make yourself work on classes online when there are 400 things more fun to do online (facebook, Yahoo answers, YouTube, email, etc)?

If your college is respected and reputable, but you just aren't sure if the online is for you, why not try one or two classes and see how it goes?

If you just aren't sure of the college, why not see what your local community colleges or state schools offer online? A lot of times a public college will offer online classes for less cost than some for profit online schools that spend a lot of money advertising online.

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