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Distance Education Universities

Erika Said:

M.Tech/M.E Distance education Universities?

We Answered:

I Suggest u do to M.S from BITS pilani through their distant learning programme .Its the best !!!

Rhonda Said:

is there any distance education universities for MBA ?

We Answered:

There are plenty of them in almost all countries. If you are in India, Indhira Gandhi Open Univ is known to be better. Also there are international like Universitas21 from Singapore. Also there are many you will find in internet from US, Europe.

I had completed one course thru Universitas21. They will allot a professor for you and you can have blogs with your classmates and professor on each of the course lessons. This was the method of teaching.

Floyd Said:

what are the world'st toppest distance education universities?

We Answered:

I don't know whether it's the worlds 'toppest' but The University of London External Degree Program is quite good.

Georgia Said:

Distance education Universities for sociology?

We Answered:

You have a few options. The University of Maryland is a real school and has a complete online sociology degree program (along with many others) here:

The University of Colorado also has such an online degree program:

Best advice: stick with accredited PUBLIC universities. You'll save a fortune on tuitions, especially being a military spouse. Also, check with your post's "Marine Continuing Education" office or online here:

Semper fi, doll!


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endocrinology personal statement said:

Distance learning is getting popular around the world. I see there are so many useful articles on this blog which is useful for students.