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Concordia University Irvine

Rick Said:

How do you get archived (old) catalogs from ucla or concordia irvine?

We Answered:

Try contacting the Registrar's office at each school first. The second choice would be to contact the reference staff at the school's library. Both places would certainly have the archived catalogs.

If you can be specific about what information you need, they may be willing to copy and fax or mail the pages from the catalog and save you a trip. If they aren't willing to do that or you need many pages you'll probably have to go to the campus. If that's that case, probably just go to the library. Good luck!

Sandra Said:

getting into arizona state university and major question?

We Answered:

You're golden. My friend transferred to ASU from a JC with just above a 3.0 after 2 years. CUI is better than IVC.

Annie Said:

Religion Statistics of Concordia University Irvine?

We Answered:


I called the Admissions Office at Concordia of Texas [glorious college - wish I had gone there]. They do collect this data and my guess is that Concordia Irvine would as well.

The Development Office of each school often has this data. Whether they want to hold it confidential is their decision. but, the Development Office at Concordia-Irvine is the place to ask.

At Concordia Texas [CTX] about 18% of the students are Lutheran. Hope this helps.

Tammy Said:

Has anyone famous ever graduated from Concordia of Irvine California?

We Answered:…

Sherri Said:

Transferring BACK to my PREVIOUS university?

We Answered:

Any units that you already took at Concordia will still count.

I HIGHLY recommend that you contact Concordia ASAP and speak with an admissions counselor there. If your grades at CSU are good, there should be no reason why you cannot transfer back, as long as you were in good standing when you left. The most important thing is to find out from Concordia which classes taken at CSU they will accept. It would really be a shame for you to take 60 or 90 units at CSU, only to find out that many don't transfer and have to retake classes or get behind schedule.

Also find out about Concordia's residence requirement. Most schools require that a certain number of upper division classes are taken there in order to receive a degree.

Derek Said:

MBA from Concordia : A good idea?

We Answered:

higher educations-

Jessie Said:

Concordia University, Irvine or California Lutheran University?

We Answered:

UC Irvine the best and the cheapest of the 3 (with financial aid).

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