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Colleges And Universities

Lauren Said:

How are Colleges and Universities different by calling them "Colleges" and "Universitys"?

We Answered:

If a school is called a 'College' then it usually means that it does not offer anything higher than a bachelor's degree.

Also - a university has many colleges within it. For instance, my university has a college of arts and sciences, a college of engineering, and a college of business and management. A university also offers degrees higher than bachelor's.

There is also no difference education-wise if you're going for your bachelor's.

Duane Said:

What are some colleges/universities in France that are in English?

We Answered:

As I know there isnt a college exclusively English but I can be wrong...
I do have exams in English and Spanish because i'm learning languages, mu curriculum is called LEA Langues Etrangères Appliquées but i also have french exams in law or economics for example but i dont know anybody having only english exams...

Patricia Said:

How do I research colleges and universities?

We Answered:

you can use and look up school by state under the college tab, as far as information, you have to request that by either calling or emailing the school through their web address.

Cheryl Said:

what are some colleges/universities that offer an extremely good communication arts major?

We Answered:

look into your local colleges. If you're still in high school, talk with your guidance counselor for advice on where to begin. You'll probably want to stay in state at a public university for financial reasons, so look into those first. For example, I live in WI so I looked into all of the UW system schools before I decided on UWGreen Bay...which does have that major, but probably not the best program for it.

Anyway, good luck!

Allan Said:

What are the best colleges or universities of Colorado?

We Answered:

University of Colorado -CU Boulder,Colo. which was my college if your smart Colorado School of Mines Golden, Colo. Good luck

Lloyd Said:

What universities or colleges are in devon or near devon?

We Answered:

dont know

Vincent Said:

What are some great colleges/universities in the midwest area with majors in film and video production?

We Answered:…

9 pages of options, good luck;……

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msw personal statement said:

Community Colleges as common rule are an expansion of the same system as Public High Schools, but with different management systems. They are autonomus.