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City University Of Hong Kong

Crystal Said:

moving to Hong Kong soon, ASc from US.?

We Answered:

Welcome, first of all.

BSc in CompSci from CityU is okay.

Getting a job is trickier, depends what resident status you actually are.

Whether you can speak Cantonese and read/write Traditional Chinese will also be an important factor, since probably you will have very little working experience.

Will be good to check with the Careers people at CityU. They will be in a much better position to advise you.

Leslie Said:

Mosque near City University of Hong Kong?

We Answered:

the link below will help you out

Wallace Said:

Are media courses in Hong Kong good?

We Answered:

So I am definitely not an expert in media production / education, but I know a lot about traveling and international commerce. I have been to Hong Kong and know a lot about it. I may be mistaken but I am pretty sure it is the 3rd largest media producing region in the world (behind India and the USA). I would image that getting your bachelor's in HK to do media production would be a perfect way for you to get a job over there after you graduate. There are a ton of opportunities. Also - maybe you should try Yahoo Answers Hong Kong? Everyone (practically) in Hong Kong speaks English, I'm sure they could tell you which areas of media production those specific universities are better or worse at.

I wouldn't think Australia is a major media producing region, but I do know that New Zealand is becoming more and more prominent (mainly because of lower overhead costs) on the media scene.

Hope that helps! Cheers!

Agnes Said:

I was thinking about studying abroad in Honk Kong for a business minor. Should i go for it?

We Answered:

I see no reason you should not go to Hong Kong to take some business courses for one semester although it is unlikely you could complete a minor because advanced business courses have prerequisites. Don't go to mainland China as courses there would be given in Chinese.

If you have an interest in business, go ahead and take it. Even if you don't use it professionally, it will be an asset to you personally.

The only possible problem I can see is that taking one semester off might throw off your sequence in engineering studies. Be sure to talk with your college adviser about this.


Javier Said:

Tokyo or Hong Kong for university in english?

We Answered:

Hong Kong should be a better choice because this city used to be a British colony for over 100 years until 1997, English used to be the official language here until then. Most people at least speak some basic English and there are signages in English everywhere, all products come with English description and instructions. In Japan even in Tokyo, very few people really know English, most products only come with Japanese description.

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