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Christopher Newport University

Edgar Said:

Are Christopher Newport University and/or Virginia Commonwealth University good history/pre-law colleges?

We Answered:

You will have a hard time getting into a top law school from those colleges but you can get into a respectable one if you have good grades.

Mabel Said:

george mason university or christopher newport university?

We Answered:

as on honor student why are you going to george mason?
if you're an honor why not try for uva. for arts im aware the vcu is the best. if piano would fall under arts..
but i see a honor student going to either as a waste

oh and i see newport as a better school. but for piano performance major i wouldn't know. why don't you find ppl who attending newport and ask about the piano major there.

Sheila Said:

Radford University or Christopher Newport University?

We Answered:

radford, im going there!

Andrea Said:

i am a rising senior with a 3.0 GPA and an 1150 on my SATs. Can i get into Christopher Newport University?

We Answered:

You should retake the SAT, because that is holding you back right now.

Bryan Said:

Does Christopher Newport University offer Graphic Design as a major?

We Answered:

I just looked at their website and I don't see any evidence of a graphic design program, so if they've got something, it wouldn't be more than a cobbled together group of courses. A good program would be apparent. If you want to be in Virginia, VCU is an excellent design program. If you want a smaller school, George Mason has a decent program too.

Competition is strong in graphic design, so don't waste your money at a school that won't adequately prepare you to excell in this profression.

Helen Said:

What is Christopher Newport University like? Is it a good school? Good programs, etc.?

We Answered:

A friend of mine graduated from CNU and she says she got a terrific education there. I hear it is expensive though.

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