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Canadian University Rankings

Victor Said:

What's the best Canadian University if I want to major in psychology? No bias please.?

We Answered:

UW is one of the best school in Canada for a psychology degree...

To me it seems that you have already made your decision...

U of T is okay...

However apparently McGill also have a very good psychology department... You can check that out...

Leon Said:

how can i know rankings or validity of canadian universities?

We Answered:

Paula Said:

canadian university rankings.......?

We Answered:

Maclean's magazine does annual rankings of Canadian universities. They are the recognized source for info on Canadian universities.

Raymond Said:

University Rankings help...?

We Answered:

If you're planning on living/working in the U.S., I think it's definitely helpful to have a degree from a 'name' university. I've personally heard of McGill due to the fact that my granny taught med school there, but the vast majority of Americans wouldn't know that it's a top notch university. As for rankings, whatever. The ranking system is incredibly flawed. Yes, some people base their perception of a school entirely off their US News position, but when you consider many of the statistics that go into the rankings (acceptance, academic profile, etc.) on their own you'll be able to weight them in a more personally relevant way. Might as well take the SAT, life's about options and taking it will help keep things open for you.

Terri Said:

Are university rankings really a way to choose university?

We Answered:

Maybe your parents should be more concerned with you finding the right school for you, rather than its geographical location?

No, rankings don't mean a lot. a way they don't. If Yale is number two and Harvard is number one, no one cares. But if you're choosing between a school in the top ten and a school in the 60s of the rankings, then there is a big difference. But it certainly shouldn't be the only criteria for your decision.

McGill is a very good school though. But you're right, it does depend on the program and what you want to major in.

Also, just because you come to the US for school doesn't automatically mean you get to stay afterward and work there.

Annie Said:

Which canadian universities are regarded highly in the USA?

We Answered:


There are plenty of excellent schools in Canada, but the 4 above are the majors internationally

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