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Canadian Universities Ranking

Helen Said:

Canadian universities ranked by subject?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Sheila Said:

Canadian Universities field ranking : biomedical engineering?

We Answered:

You might want to do a search for Maclean's university ranking which is the Canadian equivalent of US News and World.

Neil Said:

How would'ya rank these Canadian universities?

We Answered:

Well, it REALLY depends on what program you are interested in, or what your future plans are... but just in overall quality, I would say:

1) Mcgill - Probably one of, if not the BEST university in Canada. I believe it was ranked top 10 in the world.

2) University of Toronto - Recognized all over the world. A very prestigious school, with highly ranked professors and ground breaking research departments. However, if you plan on going to graduate school, U of T might not be for you... it destroys most people's GPAs by the time they graduate.

3) Waterloo - Very good school for math, engineering. Microsoft hires more people from University of Waterloo more than any other university in the world, including MIT, Harvard, etc.

4) McMaster - Probably the best school for health sciences. A health degree from here gives you a good chance of getting into med school, if you want to become a doctor. Very recognized name also.

5) York University - Little overrated as a school in my opinion... (just due to its size and endowment I guess) it was only a while ago that it was the laughingstock of universities in Canada. However, they do have one of the finest humanities programs, and one of the best business schools in the WORLD, "Schulich School of Business".

6) Ryerson - Very, "meh". Good undergraduate school for information technology, management, commerce, etc. Not a very good campus life (it really doesn't even have a campus, just numerous buildings) and doesn't have that university feel. Admission averages aren't very high, so acceptance should be easier. But that could also mean lower quality of education.

7) Seneca - Never heard too much about this one... I actually don't know much about it really. It's not a university, but rather a college (polytechnic institution - similar to what Ryerson was a few decades ago), so it doesn't really have the prestige of a university.

Marcus Said:

what is canadian university ranking in physics?

We Answered:

McGill, U Toronto, and U Waterloo have very good physics programs.

Jackie Said:

Canadian universities?

We Answered:

Top Canadian universities are rated by program and support services. You didn't say which program, so who can tell you which university is best?

I can't recommend the one I went to. It was for Education. Profs played favourites and gossipped. Sucked big time. Don't go to school in Red Deer.

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