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Canada University Ranking

Regina Said:

who can give me the universities of business program ranking in canada?

We Answered:

online degree-

Mattie Said:

Could you please give me links to websites ranking US and Canada universities?

We Answered:

I had the same question before, so collected some sites. Check the below articles, may be of some help to you……

Maxine Said:

I'm suspended from University (Canada). Can I reapply with my high school grades?

We Answered:

I am pretty sure you have to wait a year before you can apply. Also in Canada, we dont have lower ranked schools, we dont have accreditation like the states. There are other schools that are not as favorable compared to UWO, Mcgill and Toronto. They will look at your university marks regardless, you might have to call into the school and explain your situation.

My friend got suspended, she waited her year, then went back to school and then graduated. You might want to do the same. talk to your school and see what they are willing to do

Good luck with your schooling, I hope it goes better for you next time around.

Jeanette Said:

what is canada universities management ranking?

We Answered:

Check this site out for University rankings.

Allison Said:

How is McGill University ranked in Canada/Globally?

We Answered:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to University of don't know how much fun Toronto is...the city has tremendous culture...multicultural people and food!!!!!! and Toronto looks gorgeous at night!!!!! I love the skyline and the city is not as dangerous as other cities....and im pretty sure U of T is the number 1 university in number 12 globally!!!!!!!!!! good luck!!!!!

Vanessa Said:

which is a good ranked university for Transportation engineering & planning course in Canada ?

We Answered:

mcgill, vancouver uni

Frederick Said:

How is the university of Dalhousie? Famous in Canada?

We Answered:

Its good and well known in some subjects. For example, it is quite famous in Canada for Law.

Other than that, you are right, its local. NS is not exactly "on the map" academically in Canada.

But it is a beautiful school.

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